This is the year to…

Happy New Year’s Eve!!

Tonight we will toast to the end of 2012 and welcome in 2013 with so much to be thankful for and many goals, resolutions, and wishes for the year ahead.  As I mentioned last week, 2012 was an enormous year of positive change for me both personally and professionally.  To continue to build on this momentum in 2013 is my biggest goal.

In the past as a new year approached, I would say this is the year when X is going to happen and I’ve learned, you really can’t plan that way because life takes us on paths that are meant for us,  and we don’t always know what they are {even though I tend to think I do}.  So to me it’s about constantly evolving as a person.  Pushing my limits, stepping out of my comfort zone, exposing myself to new experiences, places, cultures and people, and stopping to help others along the way.  Being thankful for what I have and practicing patience for what is yet to come.  In other words,  making a very conscious effort to live in the moment.

I came across this bracelet from Kate Spade, and I think it’s perfect as we ring in the New Year {by the way what a fabulous NYE hostess gift!} to set the tone on how to set expectations for the year ahead.

It says:
This is the year to….

  • take  a road trip
  • dance till dawn
  • wear red
  • master the bow tie
  • embrace color
  • be a firecracker

While these seem like small things, it illustrates the notion of setting actionable goals that will continue to help you grow.  You could add, grow my business, start a family, take an international trip, go vegetarian, etc…

So with all this,  I would love to know…
What is this the year for, for you?

Whatever it will be for you in 2013, I hope the stars align for you to make it happen.  And do yourself a favor –  BELIEVE it WILL!!

Have a wonderful evening and don’t forget to make a wish at midnight!!

cheers to you, and all the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013,

P. S.  As we say goodbye to 2012, I want to stop and say THANK YOU!!  Thank you so much for joining me in my quest to venture out on my own this year,  for following my blog these past few weeks, for your e-mails, comments, messages and likes on Facebook.  You’ve helped make my dream a reality and I want you to know how much I appreciate and value your support.  I look forward to sharing new and exciting topics with you in the New Year as well as sharing some of my projects from 2012 with you {stay tuned for a wedding from this Fall for a very special client}.  Merci for everything!! xo

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