The Gingerbread Girl

So while this is a crazy time of year with most of our focus on the holidays, there are many birthday’s and birthday parties still happening at the same time.  One of my beautiful Goddaughters {I am blessed with two and they are both amazing} has a birthday this week, and when I came across this theme party on the talented Amy Atlas’ blog from by Jenny at Craft that Party, I had to share it in honor of her {the birthday girl}.  This is a perfect birthday party theme for a child this time of year.

It is a party based on the children’s book The Gingerbread Girl.










There was a pink fondant cake topped with a gingerbread house – ADORABLE!!


The cake was accompanied by oreo cookies with fondant toppers along with gingerbread cupcakes topped with mini gingerbread boys & girls.

And the best part…A gingerbread girl/boy decorating station with sprinkles, candy and frosting to decorate with!!  How fun is this?

Growing up my mother always made gingerbread boys and girls for my brother and I, and we decorated them {it became a tradition in our house}, it still remains a fond memory so I just know it would be a great hit at a child’s birthday party. Congrats to Jenny and her team on a great event!!

I think it would be a nice touch to have each child leave not only with their gingerbread girl’s & boys but also with their very own copy of The Gingerbread Girl book – available here.

AND while we are on the gingerbread theme, why not throw an adult cocktail in for all of the moms and dads attending the party?


Recipe {makes one}:

1/2 cup half and half
1 ounce vanilla vodka
1/2 ounce molasses syrup (to make this mix equal parts of molasses and water and bring to a boil, then let cool)
2 teaspoons cinnamon schnapps
1 teaspoon butterscotch schnapps
1/4 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
Ground cloves

Add everything but the cloves to a shaker and shake.
Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a dusting of ground cloves and a homemade gingerbread girl. – Sounds delicious!!

Happy, happy Wednesday to you!!

Vendor credits for the party above:
Gingerbread Printable Party Collection: Blush Printables
Desserts: Samantha’s Sweets
Fondant Toppers and Oreos: Love and Sugar Kisses
Photography: Studio One Two One

Gingerbread Martini Recipe
from:  Fashionably Bombed 



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