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Happy weekend!

I hope you have something wonderful planned this weekend.  It’s been a busy week in Boston with Boston Fashion week which closes this evening.  I’ve seen some incredible work by local designers which I’ve been sharing on Instagram. And this evening some of Boston’s most talented photographers will be unveiling portraits they took of key contributors in the Boston fashion industry at the Whotel.

Given that it is the weekend, I thought it would be a lovely day to share a special fall cocktail recipe that my talented friend Domingo-Martin Barreres came up with for the fall fête Simon Pearce installation by POISE. that went live a few weeks ago. As part of the installation I wanted to provide a take-away for guests who came through as well as share inspiration for the perfect fall fête cocktail to compliment the tablescape design in the window.  I am a firm believer in going the extra mile to create a special cocktail to kick-off a dinner party or celebration and have developed many for clients over the years.  Guests always appreciate it and it helps set the tone for a celebratory evening so I thought sharing one of Domingo’s masterpieces for people to integrate into their own events and entertaining this season would be a nice touch to our fall fête installation.

After a fun creative meeting together and sharing the dinner party menu with Domingo as well as talking through the overall concept of the event, he came up with a figroni.  A twist on the classic negroni.  It uses a newly launched black fig vodka made locally in Boston and is garnished with a paper-thin fig slice.

Figroni Cocktail | POISE. events


The team at printed the cocktail cards and recipes for us on their Luxe notecards.  We printed a few hundred so that customers could take them with them.  The quality & substantial weight of the paper {using their quadplex technology} is AMAZING!!

Figroni Cocktail | POISE. Events
Figroni Cocktail Bar

POISE. | Figroni cocktail

We love the idea of serving the cocktail in Simon Pearce’s Hartland Stemless Martini glasses and think they would house the cocktail with a fig slice on top beautifully.

Cheers and happy weekend!!


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