the empowerment plan

The holidays are such a wonderful time for most of us – an opportunity to come together with our families and dearest friends and celebrate our traditions.  I personally feel incredibly lucky and grateful for this time and look forward to it every year.  It’s a time where a large part of the world slows down a bit to enjoy the season before entering a new year.

It can also be a very difficult time for people in need, which is why this time of year is such a special opportunity to give back and why so many of us do.  Last night a friend of mine from college shared some information on The Empowerment Plan – I read about it and was blown away.

the empowerment plan

The Empowerment Plan is a humanitarian organization based in the city of Detroit. It was founded by 24 year old CEO Veronika Scott who, on a college scholarship was challenged with an assignment to create something based on actual needs – with that she conducted her research at homeless shelters and the first project she created was a self-heated, waterproof coat that could convert into a sleeping bag at night, and a bag when not in use – which is a brilliant invention on it’s own, but she didn’t stop there.  When she was on her seventh prototype a woman at one of the shelters told Veronika that ‘they don’t need coats, they need jobs’.  And that resonated with Veronica in such a strong way that she created her organizational model to hire & pay individuals from homeless shelters, train them on sewing and manufacturing, tech, or the necessary skills needed for open positions so that they can gain their independence back for themselves and their families.  The gap produced a mini video for their One Stitch at a Time program where Veronika tells her story in her own words – it is so inspiring – SHE is so inspiring.  Imagine starting something so incredible as a college student?

It costs $100 to make a coat all-in and you can support the organization by making a donation to contribute towards a coat and the production of it by clicking here.  A donation in someone’s name would be a beautiful holiday gift – perhaps one of the most beautiful there is.

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