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Thanksgiving planning is fully underway for many of you I am sure!  This weekend I had an opportunity to not only finalize my menu for Thanksgiving but also order the turkey and align with my go to resource for wine, Howie at Bauer Wines for wine pairings.  Howie and his team curate an assortment of wines that constantly astound me.  They always have a variety of price points, and never compromise quality.  You can spend a lot of money on wine but you can also get incredible wines from around the world for much lower price points {i.e. a large selection of wines for under $15}. They hand-pick each wine that goes into their store and it shows.  They also deliver which makes entertaining so much easier.  You just call in your order or shop at the store, and they will deliver to your door.

Typically when I entertain or am ordering wine for a client event, I collaborate with Howie by sharing the menu as he is a wine pairing GURU when it comes to finding the perfect wine to compliment a menu.  Naturally I reached out to him for Thanksgiving and he’s made some recommendations that I’ve incorporated into my menu that I thought would be worth sharing with you.  He has suggested American wines since Thanksgiving is such a distinctly American Holiday and I love his idea of carrying the American theme through the menu {even the bubbles!}.

For the food portion of the menu, I’ve made almost all of these dishes in previous years and they’ve become favorites. My mother makes her incredible stuffing and chocolate mousse that we all obsess over.  They are both family recipes and have not skipped a holiday.  The whipped sweet potatoes will be a new recipe this year – I am testing it out. The rest are definitely POISE. approved.  I’ve provided links to many of them below.

We will be kicking off the day with bubbles and light hors d’oeuvres {honey rosemary pecans, shrimp cocktail & a romanesco dip with crudité}  so that guests can mingle for a bit while some of the dishes finish cooking, and before we sit down for our special meal.

POISE. 2014 Thanksgiving Menu
first course: chestnut bisque {dairy free} | 2012 Bernardus Sauvignon Blanc
wine note from Howie: “the salad course screams for a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc. My choice would be the 2012 Bernardus from Monterey County, California. Crisp and herbaceous with just a hint of melon, due to a small dollop of Semillon addede to the Sauvignon Blanc”

main course & sides: 2011 Deep Sea Pinot Noirwhipped sweet potatoes with ginger | roasted brussel sprout & apple salad with black walnuts | tatte mixed nut tart
wine note from Howie: “For the main event, you need a medium-bodied red that can stand up to the sweet meat of turkey , as well as the earthiness of the stuffing. Pinot Noir is the perfect foil for the Thanksgiving meal, as it handles the many flavors on the table without overpowering your palate, or equilibrium! I would go with the 2011 Deep Sea Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara County, a tasty melange of red and black cherry fruit, with a nice earthy underbelly to it”.

For the turkey I have worked with the team at the Butcher Shop in Boston the past few years.  They source their turkey’s from a small family run farm in Vermont called Misty Knoll Farms, which raises free-range, hormone free and vegetarian fed turkeys.  They are SO good.   I don’t eat meat often, so when I do I try {whenever I can} to ensure it is hormone, and preservative free.  Additionally, the team at The Butcher Shop will brine the turkey for you in a lemon, honey, thyme & black pepper brine.  The turkey comes out with a beautiful golden glow and the meat is so tender it almost falls off the bone.  They are still taking orders for this Thanksgiving and you can speak to the butcher directly if you are interested in working with him for your turkey by contacting them via phone.

Now onto the table…I have created and undone several designs already, I haven’t been happy anything I’ve done thus far so I am back to the drawing board.  I look forward to finalizing a design that I am actually happy with and sharing it with you very soon.

Hope you have a beautiful day,


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