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Summer is here and with that comes many wonderful invitations to outdoor summer parties, cook outs, dinners and even weekends at your gracious host & hostesses beach homes.  Summer host & hostess gifts deserve a category of their own in my opinion, and depending on the extensively of the host/hostesses invitation, you should tailor your gift accordingly.  An invitation to a beach house overnight versus a dinner would warrant a more substantial hostess gift.

Below are some ideas for your lovely summer hosts & hostesses.  They range in price just as your invitations over the course of the summer will range, and in many cases these items pair beautifully together so you can give a single item or pair a few together for a more robust invitation.

POISE. | Summer hostess gift ideas


Sometimes you are so busy trying to get to your destination it is just easier to send the gift directly rather than transporting it.  You can do this in advance or right after your stay {within 24 hours is ideal} to give your gracious hosts a thoughtful and proper thank you.

a bit of luxury | $115
personalized soaps | $39
a fabulous deck of cards | $18
for late summer night’s | $24
a handcrafted kite | $60
for cool summer nights | $128
for the perfect margarita & a great cause |$16 {just ordered a few to have on hand for those last minute invitations}
cocktail accessories | $10
a limited edition duo | Jonathan Adler for Chandon tray starting at $78 | 2014 Limited Edition Blanc de Noirs $24
a serving platter with style & substance | $24

Happy weekend!

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