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Happy Friday!

We are a bit snowed in in Boston today, and the temperatures are really cold.  It’s that type of – I don’t want to go anywhere, so get cozy and snuggle on the couch weather.  It can be hard to find cute lounging outfits/pyjamas that are warm.  Below is a look that I think is lovely along with a few other essentials for a cozy night in.

cozy night in

1 |Eberjay pajama top and pants are made of soft jersey yet still chic.
2 | I love my winter scarves, in addition to wearing them ouside, I wear them inside often.  This chunky cashmere scarf is a perfect winter basic.
3 | A night in is a perfect opportunity to take care of your skin.  This paraben-free crème fraîche beauty mask Nuxe Paris made up of 90% natural based ingredients has 8 Plant Milks, Aloe Vera Sap, Salicornia as well as white almond and orange flowers for moisturizing and soothing of the skin.
4 | A cup of jasmine silver needle organic white tea is my go to in the winter months.  I discovered it when I was traveling in China.  High in antioxidants and low in caffeine this is the smoothest tea I’ve ever had.  I was thrilled to see that David’s tea carried it so that it is easily accessible here.
5 |a candle such as this feu de bois scented candle by LAFCO home just adds “cozy” to the home.
6 | A faux fur throw is my ultimate go to for a night in.

I also made this cauliflower + hazelnut soup with fried sage by What’s Cooking Good Looking last night and it is really delicious.  If you have the ingredients on hand, it would be a lovely warm treat to make during this frigid winter eve {photo by What’s Cooking Good Looking}.

cauliflower soup | what's cooking good looking

Wishing a warm and happy weekend,

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