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This weekend I came across a tidbit in Departures magazine about a floral-boutique in Paris called Odorantes, where the owners Emmanuel Sammartino and Christophe Hervé design their bouquets by scent.  Such a brilliant design approach for a lovely scented bouquet.  They source their stunning flowers from areas throughout France and have clients such as Karl Lagerfield and Sofia Coppola on their roster.  The quality from the images I’ve seen is just in a league of its own and to some extent – classic Paris.

If you gift the flowers, they deliver them with a poem tucked inside, which would make them the perfect romantic or thoughtful gesture any time of year, and especially for Valentine’s day.

I love this idea of creating arrangements by scent-first not only for a gift but also for retail spaces, office spaces and events where your flower scents can work together and come through in a clean understated way,  which in-turn will beautifully scent a space.  I often times will ensure peonies are at the entrance of an event for a welcoming scent and freesia are placed in restrooms, not only for their beauty, but for just enough perfume to keep these spaces fresh.

Odorantes Paris

Just another slice of Paris’s creative heart.


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