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So today is my puppy’s 2nd birthday!  In honor of that I have decided to share all of her favorite puppy items with you {this may officially make me a crazy dog person}.  If you have a dog you understand the joy they bring to your life and how wonderful they are to have around.  Sofie has changed my life from the moment I brought her home.  She is nuts don’t get me wrong…constantly stealing my socks, laundry, toilet paper you name it!! However, her fun spirit and beyond sweet and loving personality brings so much joy to my life, I am so thankful to have her and plan to spoil her rotten today for her birthday.

{sofie at her sweetest with her grandma}

These are my puppy picks: 

 1 | these porcelain dog bowls {made in Japan} are precious!  I have a few of the poodle motif and use them for sofie’s food and water.  they are available as a group here, or separate in-store at Michelle Wiley.  they also make great little gifts for other dogs.
2 | a simple polka dot harness and leash is what I have been going with.  where sofie is chocolate brown we opt for the chocolate brown and pink combination but the others are adorable for different colored dogs.
3 | we will be going to polka dog bakery to get a “pupcake” today.  they sell them in store or are available on-line here.  they are made with all natural and some organic ingredients.
4 | From the amazing Polka Dog Bakery in Boston.  I like that many of their treats are made locally, and these chicken little treats are a favorite in my house.
5 | sofie loves to roll around in whatever she can {it actually drives me crazy!!}, which means she needs baths often.  Norma Kamali’s wellness line includes a soap made of ground olive pits for dogs.  It is moisturizing and all natural.  I like to use this as it does not dry out her skin.
6 | I am not big into ‘dressing’ my dog unless she needs it for warmth in the winter, however she could use a rain jacket for the city.  we walk everywhere and the rain does not bother her, however a jacket that keeps her fur as dry as possible like this sporty one would be adorable.
7 |  perfect thank you notes
8 | this plush dog bone looks so soft and snuggly
9 | jax and bones makes really cute and eco-friendly rope dog toys that they love to chew on.  this heart would be a lovely addition to sofie’s toy collection. they are a toy that gives back, as a portion of the proceeds from their sales go to an organization called the Rescue Train which is dedicated to saving dogs lives.
10 | these crochet toys made of organic cotton also serve as a tooth cleaner.  this bunny was Sofie’s first toy and she still loves it.
11 | if you have a puppy, you know keeping treats somewhere handy is key.  this treat jar is functional and would work nicely on many kitchen countertops.
12 | I came across a recipe via my friend Deanna’s facebook page last week for frozen dog treats.  She made them for her puppy with peanut butter, {but since my dog loves almond butter I will use that instead}, banana and carrots.  I am determined to make them between now and the end of the summer and will freeze them in this cube tray.

puppy love | frozen dessert treats 
3 bananas sliced and frozen
1.5tbsp peanut butter {or almond butter}
1/4c shredded carrots
combine frozen banana slices in the blender until smooth, like soft serve ice cream
Add peanut or almond butter and re-blend.
Stir in carrots.
{optional} Add 1 slice of bacon crumbled 
Re-freeze in ice molds.

Not bad for a puppy!

Wishing you a day filled with joy,

dogs in crate image via: Elle Decor 

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  1. Robin says:

    Happy Birthday Sofie! xoxo Robin & Pippa

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