Preparing for Oscar Festivities

Happy Happy Friday!!

Hopefully you have some nice plans lined up for the weekend and I would imagine part of that will include watching the Oscar’s on Sunday evening.  I have to say I look forward to them;  the glamour, fashion and entertainment behind it all is fascinating to me.  If you didn’t have a chance earlier this week, you should check out the menu Wolfgang Puck has created for the stars post-Oscar’s at the Governer’s Ball.   As for me, I am planning on having a low key evening after a relatively busy week.  A few friends who live in the neighborhood will come over for an intimate dinner as we watch the 85th Academy Awards unfold.

For those of you planning a larger gathering, I thought you would appreciate some inspiration.  I definitely see honoring the gold of the Oscar statue and incorporating it into the color palette for the evening, as well as serving celebratory champagne for this festive occasion.


Oscar Festivities


First Row: You might remember the popcorn bar I posted about for the Golden Globes? This image shows how you can keep it simple and just have a beautifully presented display of truffled popcorn as done here {image}. / Adorable bar set up via the Glitter Guide, with swizzle sticks to “dress your drink”, you can purchase similar swizzle sticks here or the polka dot straws here.

Second Row:  {first image} /This simple table setting from Twig & Thistle makes it easy to pull an Oscar look together without too many elements.  Notice the Oreo cookie centerpiece.  You could also swap them out for black + white macaroons. DIY & printable templates available here.

Third Row:  A simple champagne bar {image}.  If you want to take your bar a step further with cocktails, the team at Amy Atlas events did a fabulous job putting together a whole list of cocktails named after some of the nominated movies {i.e. the absolute Argo-tini} with suggested recipes, you can find them here along with drink flag templates. / Serve these potato + gorgonzola mini soups with garlic rye toasts {recipe}.

As for me, I plan to try out a new recipe yet keep it simple & healthy.  It is still really cold in Boston and now they are predicting more snow this weekend so, something warm is in order.  I came across this recipe for red beet gnocchi with a meyer lemon pesto and think it would be a lovely option for a healthy warm meal.  My plan is to create the balance of the menu around this dish which will probably entail a salad of some sort and a dessert involving chocolate!

However you choose to watch the Oscar’s I hope you do so in good company and that you have nothing less than a wonderful weekend.


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