Pops of Neon

Clearly I am craving color given my post from yesterday and now today talking about neon!!  I couldn’t resist though, when I came across a great event styled by Brooklyn Bride with pops of neon color throughout {below}.  Neon came back but on a much smaller scale than what we saw in the 80’s {lucky for all of us} last spring, and I think we’ll still be seeing it again in fashion, homes and events as we enter this spring as well.

Stella McCartney Espadrille

Chair from ABC Carpet & Home

Notice the dipped silverware and napkins as well as the graphic element on the back of the banquette by Brooklyn Bride.  I love the idea of incorporating banquettes into events and weddings in addition to chairs.  They certainly make an impact visually and you can thread a design element from the overall decor and theme through to tie a space together.  I also like that they lend themselves to more intimate & social seating.

Neon wedding invitations created by oh so beautiful paper.


You could have a lot of fun with pops of neon as a color theme for a birthday, wedding or an al fresco summer event.

Have a great day!

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