Pears | Parmesan | Celery

A fabulous client of mine brought back a very special block of 2 year old aged Parmesan from a recent trip to Italy {Milano}.  I met them for a glass of wine a week before they left for their late honeymoon and they brought me this wonderfully thoughtful surprise!!  You see, they too are foodies and when I worked with them on their wedding in September, it was just wonderful to work with people who had such amazing taste in food and overall.  As you can imagine, our passion for great food and wine came in handy for many a planning meetings.  I am excited to say that I will be sharing their wedding with you next week on my blog so you too can see how this passion and their great taste came to life for their special day.

For now, back to the cheese… I was elated, it is fabulous and since it is larger than a size 10 men’s shoe, will be a part of many great salads and recipes to come.

They also shared one of their favorite recipes with me to use the cheese with, {for when I am not simply cutting a piece off to enjoy with a beautiful glass of red wine} from a treasured cookbook of theirs,  Verdura.  I made this salad yesterday,  and it was just lovely.  Simple to make using the freshest of ingredients, and a wonderful variety of  flavors & textures including sweet, earthy, crisp & tangy.  This is a salad that would be a great first course or amuse bouche for many elegant meals.

The recipe calls for a fine Parmesan cheese, and I would suggest you splurge on a nice quality aged Parmesan for this to give it that tangy balance.

As well, the pears should be ripe but still quite firm.

I went heavy on the lemon juice as I felt it really brought the flavors out and balanced out the cheese nicely but this is up to individual taste.

Here is the recipe

Pears | Parmesan | Celery
{serves 4}:

3-4 stalks of celery heart
3 ounces Parmigiano – Reggiano
small handful of walnut halves
cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
lemon juice {I used 1 lemon}
salt + freshly ground pepper {I would suggest a coarse sea salt}

Remove the strings from the celery & cut into diagonal slices {reserve leaves for garnish}.   Cut the Parmesan into paper thin slivers, and the walnut halves into thin slices.

Right before serving, core & thinly slice the pears.

Place prepared ingredients on a serving dish, drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice {be sure to adjust the amount of lemon juice to your liking}.  Toss very lightly, season with coarse sea salt and pepper and garnish with the celery leaves.

I served this on a rectangular white platter similar to this one, as I felt the long shapes of the pear slices lended themselves to that shape best.

And there you have it!  It probably took me no more than 30 minutes to prepare.  Serve with a lovely light glass of red vino and you have a delicious little dinner or first course.


{all photos by POISE}



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  1. Jane Curtis says:

    I so enjoy reading about your events after hearing about them from Chris. Also, this Parmesan, pear, celery salad sounds pretty yummy.

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