table loveliness

While spring is not quite yet in the air in Boston from a weather standpoint, I think mentally we are all there!!  I came across this stunning tabletop designed by fashion designer,  Carolina Herrera for Bride’s magazine, and love the color palette of pink, white, black and gold with the bamboo accents.  A lovely spring table top option with perfectly paired patterns and textures.

I feel like the vases make the table.  They are wrapped in fabric, which is a brilliant idea – switching out the look of your vases by wrapping them in fabric, rather than buying new vases every time you want to change the look. It also opens the door for so many more options since you are not limited to existing vase patterns, yet can work with an array of endless fabric patterns for the finishing touches on stunning table-scape designs.


You can find the sources for Carolina Herrera’s table top elements here.

Would be absolutely lovely for a spring gala event wouldn’t you agree?


Photo: Jonny Valiant for Brides Magazine

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an easter lunch

In lieu of an impending snow storm predicted to hit Boston this week, I plan to focus my free time & energy on concepting my upcoming Easter table and menu.  I am hosting again this year and looking forward to creating something different than what I shared with you last year to change things up.  My thought is to go with an array of pastels for the table.   Pastels are trending in fashion and are always a welcome sight in terms of color this time of year, so I think creating a table around an array of soft spring hues would be lovely.

This weekend I came across a lovely Easter lunch table created by Gwyneth Paltrow in partnership with Remodelista. What I like about it is that it is an understated Easter tablescape, with a subtle combination of colors such as blues, pinks and neutrals.

Photographed by Simon Bevan for Remodelista.

Photographed by Simon Bevan for Remodelista. Continue reading

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signs of spring

Happy spring and happy Friday!!  I always find  Spring to be a time of transformation and rejuvenation to shed the heaviness of winter. Spring also brings all sorts of other wonderful thing such as beautiful blooms, color on our trees, al fresco meals, fiddleheads, farmer’s markets, espadrilles and colorful tablescapes.

Signs of Spring

necklace | espadrilles | soba noodle, mint and fiddlehead recipe

Wishing you a beautiful {Spring} weekend,

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Oh Joy! for Target

Target always has some of the best and most creative collaborations.  Most recently they announced a series of collaborations with some of Pintrests top pinners for party collection supplies – really, really cute party supplies.  The first collaboration to launch is by graphic design studio owner & creative director as well as  blogger of oh joy, Joy Cho.  It went live on Sunday and is full of vibrant garden party inspired colors & patterns.  The collection has everything from disposable party pieces to cake stands, garlands and lanterns, perfect and really fun for outdoor summer entertaining without breaking the bank!!

I especially adore the lanterns and banners she created for the collection. They pull the tablescapes and settings together beautifully.

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stunning ceremony settings

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a conference at my alma mater, Bryant University.  It was a day filled with inspiration through a series of speakers and breakout sessions, and a wonderful opportunity to step back and refocus. The day started with a fascinating opening session led by Carley Roney, co-founder of the XO Group Inc. {formerly the Knot Inc.}, THE incredible on-line resource for couples planning a wedding.  She talked about her indirect path leading her to where she is today as well as her 12 steps for success.  At the end there was an opportunity for questions and an attendee asked ‘what trends she is seeing for weddings this year?’.  Her first answer: ‘Personalization – The more unique and personal your wedding can be, the more it will stand out’.

I have to say, I was thrilled to hear her say this.  When working with clients not only on weddings but any event, I emphasize the importance of personalization.  What else makes makes an event or wedding ownable to a couple or brand, if it’s not led by their attributes, heritage, passions, identity, etc…?

Since I heard Carley speak, I’ve been in wedding mode and thought for today I would share some stunning wedding ceremony settings that I’ve been pinning for reference.  From indoor minimal settings to stunning landscapes, they all have one common denominator – a gorgeous backdrop.

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indulging in spring fever

So yesterday morning I went for my first spring run, and I have to say it was wonderful and incredibly therapeutic!!  I give you so much credit if you run all year round and admire my friends who post updates on Facebook of their winter marathon training in frigid temperatures.  My basic rule of thumb is 40º or higher, in part due to my asthma and also in part to me being a whimp about the cold – that said, yesterday was the first time I’ve run outside in months.  In anticipation of the warmer weather making its way to us and as part of indulging my spring fever {P.S. I am ignoring the fact that it is snowing outside in Boston today}, I spent some time updating my running playlist this past weekend and searching on-line for some options to update not only my running wardrobe but my workout overall wardrobe.  I need a major refresh, and here are some of the pieces I have in mind.

For running I am thinking of a sleek black look.  Where I primarily run in the city, my sneakers get really dirty so a dark sneaker is a must for me.  I also love Lucas Hugh’s workout line {#3 below}.  They are based in London and their statement pieces with just a bit of extra detail would be a lovely addition to any workout wardrobe.City Running Must Have's

1 | 2 | 3 | 4| 5 | 6


I really like balancing out running, with yoga and pilates.  I love the idea of adding pastels which are trending largely for spring/summer fashion, into my yoga/pilates wear.  I’ve also become quite diligent about using my own mat for these classes, especially this time of year with colds and stomach bugs running ramped, so having my own yoga mat is a must for

1 | 2 {I have this top and absolutely love it as a spring/summer gym cover-up} | 3
4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I am really hoping the snow goes away and spring fever can continue for all of us!  In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful Thursday!



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where I’d like to go for dinner

It’s not often that I am drawn to a restaurant purely on aesthetic, but this one is so stunning that I would be willing to take a risk without knowing the menu to in order experience this setting.  Located in Beirut Lebanon, {a place I would love to visit}, is a relatively new restaurant called Liza Beirut, which resides on the second floor of a former palace. The décor appears to be gorgeously exotic.

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effortless travel style

I don’t know about you but when I travel I like to look polished. Depending on the extensivity of the trip it can be challenging especially when you start getting into 14 hour flights.  Over the years I developed a formula for my travel style that was created based on experience, and basically became my uniform.  It consisted of wrinkle proof black basics + neutral colored jacket or coat + a stylish pair of flats.

When I came across this image of Miranda Kerr traveling to Paris Fashion Week it reinforced how well-selected basics can make you look effortlessly stylish and timeless while traveling. I love her look below and think it is a great travel style option for business or pleasure.  The black and white flats are a nice touch for spring.


1 | 2 I love this nude cashmere coat by Jill Sander for a neutral coat option {50% off}
3 | I have these pants from Zara.  Real leather is so delicate that a coated pant is the way to go for travel in my opinion.  These are comfortable with a great fit, a great basic.
4 | 5 | 6 Miranda’s Birkin bag is amazing but this Balenciaga tote is a great option for travel as well.
7  &  these are also a great option.


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karl’s latest stunt

I always love an innovative fashion show concept.  With a brand like Chanel, Karl Lagerfield has really done a brilliant job of creatively modernizing the brand while keeping its DNA intact.  Their innovative fashion show concepts season after season that I often blog about, just continue to surprise me, and I get a great deal of inspiration for my own work on fashion shows from them.  While they are an incredibly established brand, they are keeping things fresh, and the fashion industry on their toes {as they well should, would you expect anything less from Chanel after all?}!!

This week in Paris, they launched their Fall/Winter 2014 collection in a very untraditional way…by staging the Grand Palais into a Chanel branded supermarket.  The goal was to convey a concept and feeling of everyday luxury for the modern woman.  In other words, you can imagine the collection refined enough to wear to the Ritz for lunch yet versatile enough to keep on for a stop at the supermarket on your way home to pick up a few items for dinner.

Filled with all sorts of supermarket items appropriate for the brand such as Chanel-branded beverages, and groceries.  The show accommodated 3,400 guests who upon entering the grand Palais were given the opportunity to browse the shelves stocked with the custom made groceries and during the show,  the models walked the “aisles”, in some cases with shopping carts or baskets.

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a few of my favorite things | march

Time is just flying by.  I feel as though we were just celebrating the New Year and here we are in the month of March already!!  Hopefully this means Spring is around the corner…I don’t know about you but with this relentless winter, I’ve never been more tempted to entertain a move to a warmer climate.  Despite the cold temperatures and snow storms in the forecast, I am still looking ahead to spring!

Here are my favorite things of the moment.

POISE | a few of my favorite things | March


1 | I love the way the photographer captured this post-wedding ceremony moment .  It is styled perfectly…the colors of the confetti and the guests clothing makes for such a colorful celebratory shot, not to mention the energy you feel from it.  I always work with my clients to make sure the the photographer has a clear idea of the moments to capture throughout the course of their event. Including a post-ceremony moment like this one, is a must for a wedding shot-list.

2 | RMS  raw coconut cream for removing make-up and as a moisturizer for your face and body.  I love it and use it as a body moisturizer all winter on my skin, it is incredibly nourishing and has natural anti-oxidant protection properties, as well as  prevents free radical damage.

3 | These flats are so cute for transitioning into Spring or even Fall post-summer.  The cheetah print is a classic paired with skinny black jeans and a casual black top – effortless style.

4 | I am not sure if you are familiar with fashion illustrator/artist Katie Rogers of PaperFashion, but I just love her work.  I am thinking of ordering this Tulle Gown print for my living room to go over a vintage piece of furniture.

5 | The idea of a sleeve for an i-phone is really appealing to me.  I like the idea of either having it out to use it or putting it away when you are not.  Too often phones end up at the dinner table and I think converting to a sleeve could help establish better boundaries.  Not to mention, it’s a much more polished look for your phone than a plastic backing, especially this version by Anya Hindmarch.

Wishing you a great month ahead!!


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