a summer quinoa recipe

With the summer weather here, I have been looking for a quinoa salad recipe not only to make at home but to bring to a cookout or al fresco dinner party.  I have a favorite/go-to Fall quinoa salad, and I really like this blackberry farro salad {I substitute quinoa for the farro}, but I was looking for a dairy free, herb rich option to capitalize on all of the fresh herbs that are currently in season.

After scouring recipes and trying out a few, I officially have a go to summer quinoa recipe that I wanted to share with you.  I’ve adapted it from my absolutely FAVORITE cookbook, Raw Food Real World.  I can tell you not a week goes by where I don’t use a recipe from this cookbook.

What’s amazing about this salad is that it is incredibly light & refreshing {lime juice, basil, mint & cilantro} yet crunchy {chopped cashews, celery and fresh grapes} and the ratio of quinoa to vegetables/fruit is about 50/50, so it’s not too grain heavy.

The recipe can be made “raw” which means, you would use sprouted quinoa instead of cooking the quinoa, it will work either way.  If you opt for the raw version with sprouted quinoa, you would simply soak quinoa in water overnight, and then drain and rinse it in a colander {a fine one of course given the size of the quinoa}.  You would let it sit in the colander and drain over a covered bowl for a few hours and then prepare it.  The benefit of sprouting quinoa is that it breaks down the complex proteins in the quinoa which makes it easier for digestion, so if you have the time it’s worth it – it just takes some advanced planning.  You can also make your life easier by purchasing sprouted quinoa and all you need to do is simply let it soak for 30-45 minutes which is what I’ve been doing.

Grape Quinoa Salad


1 cup quinoa Continue reading

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One of my favorite places to shop and peruse fashion is NET-A-PORTER.  The site is well-curated, always evolving throughout the season and often I discover newer designers that  I would not have discovered elsewhere in Boston.  I also find a great deal of inspiration on the site the way they style pieces or enable you to shop by occasion.

Last week they launched NET-A-SPORTER!  A game changer for shopping athletic wear in my opinion.  It is again a well curated assortment of sport-style pieces for a variety of sports such as cross fit, yoga, tennis, ski, equestrian to name a few.  You can see how they’ve organized by sport.  I’ve observed that in the 1 week that they’ve launched it, they’ve added new pieces daily.


Net - A - Sporter

If they curate their sports assortment as well as they do their fashion assortment you can Continue reading

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a mastic moment

This weekend I came across Elizabeth Cordry and Charlie Schaffer’s wedding via Vogue.com and was inspired by the romantic garden details of the wedding.  It took place at the groom’s mother’s {Anna Wintour} home in Mastic Beach long island.

In terms of details, I loved the watercolor gardens on the menus, and the slightly rustic look of the cake, and I especially adore how the couple involved the groom’s cousin by having him offer J.Crew panama hats to guests to keep the sun out of their eyes during the ceremony.  Absolutely adorable, not to mention nice interactive, personal and fun alternative, rather than placing them on the ceremony chairs in advance or having them in a basket as guests enter.

photographed by Joshua Bright and Ali Smith

6/28/14 Photograph by Joshua Bright

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sailboat dinner party!

This weekend there was a stunning sailboat anchored in front of where I was staying.  It was white with light wood trim, and is pictured below on the right.  If I could have gotten closer to take a better photo, I would have.  However it would have required me to swim closer to it in really cold northshore waters, so I opted for this photo from the shore instead.

It got me thinking how wonderful it would be to host an intimate event on an elegant sailboat.  It’s lovely to be seaside but imagine being a bateau?  I think I need to add that to my list of goals…to design an event on a sailboat.  Here is my current thought on a tablescape concept – neutrals and blues with the perfect opportunity to embrace nautical details.

Sail Boat Dinner Party | POISE. blog

1 | A neutral set of melamine white dinner or salad plates {currently on sale}

2 | I came across these napkins at Milk & Honey lifestyle boutique in Rockport, MA Continue reading

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a beach getaway

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and for those of you in the states, a wonderful fourth of July holiday!!  Minus a tropical storm that passed through, we had stunning weather in New England.   It made leaving the seaside very difficult for me because these days where the sun is shining and the temperatures are high with no humidity, and the warmth and daylight lasts past 8pm are such rare treasures – you want to enjoy every minute of them, be outside and do fun summer things – I find it to be so good for the soul.  As a result, my head is still seaside today despite the fact that I’ve returned to the city…

Appropriately enough, I came across interior designer Allesandra Branca’s Bahama getaway home via Architectural Digest and absolutely love her beach home style.  An emphasis on neutrals give it a laid back vibe with a brilliant dose of color and chic details such as coral and chinoiserie, add glamour and vibrancy to what I would imagine is already a very happy place {Harbour Island in the Bahamas}.  I can picture a fabulous cocktail party on this property.

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a few of my favorite things | july

Ahhh July!  A holiday month for many, where the summer days are longer, and the warm nights are reason enough to prolong time outside with friends and family.  It’s the time of year where we have an excuse to be a bit more casual & relaxed, get out of our element and enjoy the moment.

As such, this summer vibe has certainly influenced my round-up of favorite things for this month.

POISE. | a few of my favorite-things | July14

1 | Save the date correspondence is definitely an added expense for a wedding but a really elegant way to announce your marriage date if you can find room for it in your budget.  I love the elegance of this one by Bernard Maisner via Vogue.  Doesn’t the Parisian address just seal this design with elegance?

2 | Good basics is where I prioritize my wardrobe budget, and these flattering cotton pajama pants by black label would fall into that category.  They are perfect paired with a simple tank top for lounging around the beach house with guests on cool summer nights.

3 | This is such lovely time of year to be outside, time on the seaside is one of my favorite ways to spend time during these warm summer months. {Image}

4 | I’ve been eyeing this photo from a 1960′s Glamour magazine photo, for my bathroom.  It would complement my neutral color palette nicely and add a bit of glamour.  It would also be a nice reminder of warm days at the beach during Boston’s dreadfully cold winters!!

5 + 6 | I happened to be at Neiman Marcus a few weeks ago and came across these glasses.  At first glance I thought they were crystal but when I picked them up, realized they are acrylic. They are modern & stylish enough to be formal from a design standpoint, yet practical enough for casual outdoor entertaining based on their composition – a lovely balance between style & function.

Wishing you an absolutely beautiful July,


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a menu fit for the fourth

This weekend I had the opportunity to put some thought into what I plan to bring for the fourth of July.  I am not hosting but I do like to make a few things to bring with me for the hostess.

Through my thought process I devised a menu that would be fit for fourth of July entertaining that goes beyond a traditional cookout menu or clambake {both of which are fabulous options}, and incorporates healthy recipes using primarily in-season ingredients that {in most cases} can be made ahead.  What I like about this menu is that you can serve it family style at the table, buffet style where guests can help themselves or even serve the dishes cocktail party style on small plates or in small bowls as your guests enjoy fireworks, a parade, or bonfires depending on your Independence Day entertainment.

POISE. Fourth of July menu

Choices, recipes & details:

This thyme lemonade can be served with or without vodka.  So it is just as easily a Continue reading

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summer clambake!

Happy lovely summer weekend!

One of the “summer things to do” in New England is to enjoy lobster season with a clambake/lobster bake. The menu is really basic and always fresh, which typically consists of lobsters, clams, crabs, corn on the cob, artichokes, clam chowder and any vegetable or seafood items you want to add in, such as a fresh farmer’s market salad to kick-off the meal.

Often times for a summer wedding or rehearsal dinner, couples will design their event around a nautical/clambake theme and menu for a more laid-back summer vibe and guests tend to really enjoy it.

Eating lobster can be messy, so I love the idea of covering a table with newspaper and serving your clambake family style.  To try to make a traditional clambake formal would be forcing it. I would suggest going with it and enjoying a casual, carefree summer night with the delicious & fresh ingredients that this time of year has to offer.

I am inspired by the mix of images below from tablescapes, to inspiration on how to present the food, to some fun details to help bring your summer clambake to life.

summer clambake!


Row 1 | family style clambake with newspaper “tablecloth” – recipe included via

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my 4th of July weekend bag

Many of us are getting ready to sign off for a mini vacation with the fourth of July here next week!!  From now until we leave, my schedule is pretty packed, so last night I started to think about what to pack for my time away and have decided to keep it casual this year.  We will be on the seaside where the nights get cool so packing layers is key, along with pieces that can transition easily from day to evening cocktails.  Here is a glimpse into what I’ll be taking with me.

Fourth of July Weekend | POISE.

1 | how adorable is this linen summer sweater?  perfect for casual and cool summer Continue reading

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where I’d like to go for lunch

I’ve had a real hankering for some time on the west coast for a while now, I am not sure what has brought it on {aside from a brutally long and cold winter}, but even with the arrival of summer, it doesn’t seem  to be going away. The lifestyle, farm to table movement and overall healthy laid back approach to life would be a refreshing break from the fast paced Northeast life for a bit. The idea of a lifestyle more centered around health and wellness is one that I have become increasingly drawn to as I get older.

This is one of those posts I wish I could have done on-site; meaning having visited the venue and reported back to you on it with my own photos and experience to talk about, However I found it too interesting not to share based on my recent discovery of it on-line, and when I go in person, I look forward to sharing my personal experience and photos with you…In the meantime, you need to know about the Malibu Farm Pier Café located just there, on the Malibu Pier on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Hello million dollar view!!


Malibu Farm Pier Cafe   Continue reading

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