our beloved home

Well I can’t say when I posted yesterday’s story that I or anyone would have fathomed what was to happen later on at the finish line.  It was a very, very sad day. Tragic actually. The city we love and I personally have called home for pretty much my whole life was compromised by what appears to be an act of terror.

I’ve always viewed Boston as a safe place to be, prided myself on it as an exceptional city to visit or host an event in, and today am still in shock that an event as peaceful as a marathon would be targeted, with bombs!? What?? I feel numb, deeply saddened for the victims, and have been struggling all morning to find words.

My heart and thoughts go out to the victims and their loved ones; To those still in critical condition fighting for their lives and undergoing multiple surgeries;  To the marathon runners who put blood, sweat and tears into training to run this amazing race, yet were turned away as they approached the finish line, to run away from it for their safety instead – cheated from the victorious finish they worked so hard for; For the heroic civilians, doctors and nurses, who selflessly ran into the chaos to help those in need;  For the runners who finished the race safely and compassionately ran to Mass General hospital to donate blood; And to the almost 6,000 Bostonians who offered their homes to out-of-town runners with nowhere to stay {according to Boston Magazine}.  The true heroes of yesterday instead of the coward{s} – we are surrounded by them.

So for today, I hope you too will be thinking of our beautiful city.  Feel proud for all those who completed &  ran the marathon,  be especially proud of the heroes that surround us, and most of all, refuse to be terrorized.

with sympathy, love and compassion from Boston,

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  1. Elizabeth Allen says:

    You always have just the right way of saying and displaying the perfect emotions. I was also moved tonite noticing someone placing a well worn pair of sneakers by the memorial. So, in turn I placed a well worn pair of my Saucony running shoes like a wreath hanging from my front door. I’ll take pic and send in the a.m. It’s just like tie a yellow ribbon, maybe you could spread the word if you like the idea. So glad you are safe and sound. xo . -EA

    • Emmanuelle says:

      Thank you Elizabeth. What a beautiful gesture to hang your sneakers like a wreath on your door. A symbol of hope, support for an incredible event {the marathon}, and a gesture of strength. I would love to see a photo of it. Thank you so much for sharing. xo

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