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Travel always seems to make its way onto bucket lists.  We all have destinations we dream of going to and experiencing next.  It could be a new restaurant in your city or a dream vacation.  For me Japan is amongst my top bucket list destinations.  I have been fascinated by the Japanese culture for many years and would love the opportunity to spend some time there first hand to experience it.

I came across this gem of a hotel Hoshino Resort in Kyoto that looks like a great place to start.  It is located on the Hozugawa River in Arashiyama and is only accessible by boat.  Made up of 25 minimal and modern guest rooms which have heated wooden floors, an abundance of amenities, deep cedar soaking tubs and toilets that open when you enter the bathroom in your suite {now that is great design!}.

Additionally, there is an on-site Michelin starred restaurant by chef Ichoro Kubota.  He designs his menu with seasonal ingredients, and the presentation of his dishes seem exquisite.


cn_image_1.size.hoshinoya-kyoto-kyoto-japan-111409-2 008408-12-guest-bedroom bedroom 3 bedroom 2 008408-17-boat-transfer 008408-02-aerial-autumn resaurant main dining

hoshinoya_kyoto_food_6_1 Appetizer1  spa_photo2_1 Hoshinoya Kyoto | Japan

When you return to your room after dinner and perhaps stargazing in their rock garden, herbal tea to help you sleep awaits you.

Sounds like a wonderful experience, doesn’t it?



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