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This year one of my goals is to re-evaluate the cosmetics I use.  I mentioned in previous posts that I’ve really overhauled my hair and skin products to be paraben-free and natural, and now I want to re-evaluate what I am putting on my face in terms of cosmetics as some of the ingredients in them are incredibly toxic.

Ironically enough, one of my favorite neighborhood stores, Follain, a store selling healthy, wholesome, sound and often organic beauty products, made in the US {from hair, to skincare to cosmetics} is where I discovered RMS beauty, a pure, organic cosmetic line using minerals for color and coconut oil as the base.

Follain Boston

The line was created by Rose-Marie Swift, a celebrity make-up artist who works with top models and actresses such as Gisele Bündchen and Erin Wasson.  Years ago,  she experienced several health problems herself, and discovered that some of the toxic chemicals in her body were also found in every day beauty products.  She created RMS beauty so that women can enjoy high quality products without compromising their health. Thank you Rose-Marie!!

Rose-Marie Swift

This weekend, the master herself {Rose-Marie Swift} was in town and stopped by Follain to answer questions and even do make-up for those that stopped in, it was an unexpected surprise and an opportunity I am grateful for.  I immediately ran stopped in to the store when I learned she was there, to meet her and consequently learned a great deal about how to use her products, it was so much fun!  She is full of knowledge and genuinely passionate about what she does along with the the ingredients that go into her products. She refers to herself as an “ingredients freak” – I think that’s really a good thing.

RMS shadows

rose marie + emmanuelle

I could spend a lot of time on the individual products, but thought I would share one of my favorites with you today.  It is the living luminzer {their best seller}.  When used properly it gives you that dewy glowing skin that you see so often on models.

Giselle and Tom at the Met Gala

Leighton Meister

What I like about the product is that it is castor + coconut oil based with beeswax and rosemary extract, nice and clean so you don’t have to worry about what you are putting on your face.  I was able to spend some time to learn how to properly apply it to get the glow.  It’s very simple actually as you can see below.  You apply it with your finger and for the smaller zones, such as the corner of your eyes and lip bow, you use a brightening brush.

RMS Living Luminzer


brightening brush | living luminzer

Her other products follow the same premise, such as an un-cover-up which can be used as a light veil to even out your skin tone, lip2cheek which serves a dual purpose as a lipstick/blush {I went with the illusive shade – a great everyday neutral}, creme eyeshadows {I love the solar color for a golden shimmer shadow} and she will soon be launching a mascara made of organic plant waxes and select raw minerals.

For those of you in Boston, I encourage you to stop into Follain and have your colors done. There is a make-up artist on-site every Tuesday and Saturday and you can experience the product first hand.

A big thank you to Tara from Follain {right} for a really fun day and to Rose-Marie {left with her adorable friend – Frankie} for sharing so many tips and talking so openly about health and ingredients,  I am inspired and hope you too are inspired by this new wave of natural beauty products.

tara + rose marie

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday,


Images via: Follain {images 1, 4, 8}  | RMS Beauty blog {images 2, 3, 5, 6}| make-up template via pintrest with my own edits.

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