my valentine’s day brunch menu

In an effort to embrace Valentine’s Day this year, I have decided to host a small brunch in celebration of some very special people in my life.  There is something wonderful about hosting a brunch because it has a real ease to it.  I think you can be flexible on your menu and in some cases have more creative freedom to build it because, realistically if the food falls into the breakfast or lunch category, it qualifies!

Here is what I’ve selected for my special guests.


Emmanuelle's Valentine's Day Brunch Menu
We are in for quite a snowstorm tomorrow in Boston, so I’ve blocked off some time in the late afternoon to begin my preparations, which I am excited about.  I find creativity in the kitchen to be so good for the soul.  Below are the links to the recipes I’ve selected, along with my favorite way to dress arugula.

parsnip-thyme soup {I add 6 stems of fresh thyme and place them whole in the pot along with the ingredients in this recipe, you can remove the thyme once the soup has cooked and before you puree it.  The thyme adds a wonderful depth to this already lovely soup}.
mini mushroom | scallion frittatas
arugula | lemon | pecorino salad
{for 4 people, toss fresh arugula with a nice quality olive oil and  the juice of 1/2 lemon, add sea salt,  fresh cracked pepper and shredded aged pecorino romano.  Toss}.
rosemary shortbread
{I will be omitting the nuts on this recipe due to a nut allergy}
grapefruit | pomegranate tart
assorted cupcakes {these I have ordered from one of my go to pastry chef’s}

You can find some of my Valentine’s Day kitchen | entertaining essentials to pull this all together here.


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