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Well it has been a whirlwind of a two weeks here.  Wrapping up an event over the weekend and then a a day full of meetings, along with prepping for a small photo shoot this weekend and dinners almost every night with out of town guests, I have been running around to say the least!  All for wonderful things; I am incredibly thankful.

On Sunday I had dinner with a friend of mine who moved away and whom I have not had a chance to catch-up with in person in over a year.  It was lovely.  We started talking about my blog and she told me she would love for me to talk more about where I get my style or how I pull looks together for both fashion and events.  So today I thought I would share my spring business look with you {this one’s for you Em!}.  Since I’ve left the corporate world, my days are much different.  Sometimes I go from meeting to meeting with clients and vendors, and other days I don’t leave my office.  When I do leave the office, I am not in suit, I am able to be creative and have some fashion liberties.  I try each season to have at least 1 great go-to look, that I know if I have a meeting I will have a nicely put together look with the perfect accessories.

Generally speaking I am constantly looking for the perfect basics.  My wardrobe stems from that I and I typically build around them.  I was inspired by a look I came across below which as you can see as well has the foundation of great basics.


The clean all white look is always refreshing and by adding a classic detail such as a silk scarf adds an element of fashion.  I have a silk scarf that was originally my grandmother’s that my mother gave to me a few years ago.  It is a piece I treasure given it’s meaning and I love the idea of incorporating it into my wardrobe this way {see below for other ideas on how to integrate a scarf into your style}.

So I took this look and made it my own with some key pieces for a day of meetings this week.  Given that it’s not quite warm enough to walk around jacket-free, I added in a navy blue blazer with gold buttons as my jacket.


Spring 3013 go to business look


 1. / 2. / 3.  /4. /5. / 6. / 7.

If you are thinking of investing in a scarf, I would just make sure that the colors are colors that flatter your skin tone, complement your wardrobe go-to colors and that you love them.  You will wear it more than you would imagine.  The right scarf can be worn many different ways, in addition to the way shown above.  Hermès does an amazing job of showing the scarves laid flat as well as tied differently on their site.  Here are a few examples below:

As a belt:

 {image & scarf can be found here}

As a glamorous hair scarf

{image & scarf can be found here}

As a summer top/cover up

{image and scarf can be found here}

As a headband

{image and scarf can be found here}

and of course a turban

Image and scarf can be found here

So there you have it.  I wonder, have you transitioned into spring yet with your wardrobe given the sunshine and {ever so slightly} warmer weather?


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