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Recently I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to an extended holiday.  Having launched a business, and being under some pretty rigorous demands for a personal project {both opportunities I am incredibly grateful for}, I am, and have been on quite a conservative budget and have consequently put personal travel on hold while I grow my business.  It is one of many sacrifices that any new business owner can relate to, but well worth it in my opinion –  when it allows for building something entirely your own.

Having said that I have been considering an extended time in the South of France when the time is right.  I spent some time there as a child and have had a yearning to go back, and not just go back for a week but really go back and spend some time soaking up the culture and all of the natural beauty & culinary goodness the region has to offer.  Go to the weekly farmers markets, take a cooking class, explore the regions hidden treasures…

I recently came across this gem of a hotel located in a small village in Provence – Tourtour, called Domaine de la Baume, nestled on a 99 acre-estate offering cooking classes, and sourcing from local farms for its restaurant, as well as producing their own honey, herbs and olive oil on-site.  They also have a spa, and offer yoga, private training sessions and restorative walks through the olive groves!  Sounds so good for the soul doesn’t it?

And the spa menu? It features signature “Provence treatments” such as massage with linen bags filled with salt and essential oils of lavender and pine, a warm sea shell massage and a brown sugar, honey & olive oil scrub & jasmine wrap.

As you view the grounds I think you’ll agree it would not only be a wonderful destination to escape to, but also an incredible venue for a destination wedding or spring/summer fashion show.  I envision any event taking place in the garden below being nothing less than magical.

exterior formal garden guest suite Domaine de la Baume breakfast garden waterfall pool1 Domaine la Baum


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  1. Robin says:

    I hear it calling your name… Beautiful!

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