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The Marimekko store in Boston opened just under a year ago and while I think their patterns are vibrant and fun, I’ve never really HAD to have anything in there for myself.  This weekend however, I paid a visit and was pleasantly surprised and genuinely impressed with their fashion!!  They have a glamorous collaboration with Finnish emerging designer Satu Maaranen, who has designed a limited edition collection of incredible silk dresses,  as well as a collaboration with Converse {and Jack Purcell} for some really fun Chuck Taylor’s.  Furthermore some of their own pieces within the line are beautiful as well.  Great colors and elegant fits.  They’ve done an incredible job elevating their fashion through these collaborations and their own collection.

Here are some highlights.

 {I am obsessed with this orange Mrs. Roper-esque dress.  Would be the perfect hostess gown.  I would wear it with a chunky necklace and platform shoes for dinner parties and feel like Iris Apfel which would make me happy}

Chuck Taylor style shoes have never been on my radar until recently.  I need a pair of shoes that I can walk the city in that are not totally flat, but are not running sneakers either.  I have been eyeing these for a few weeks, however I think the collection below is really fun as well.  These are a casual option but dressed with skinny white jeans and a light sweater, a fun pattern at your feet would be a great detail!

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. 

As I mentioned their own collection is impressive as well this season.  There were some stunning maxi dresses {not yet on-line} that a friend of mine ended up purchasing for an upcoming wedding she is attending.  It was incredibly flattering and had a beautiful color palette. And even these dresses below, modern and adorable for a variety of wearing occasions.

1. / 2. / 3. / 4.

What do you think?


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2 Responses to marimekko mode

  1. Robin says:

    Thanks for highlighting this, I have previously enjoyed marimekko for home accessories, but love the clothing. Chuck T’s are great – you should definitely sport a pair, hard decision though!

    • Emmanuelle says:

      I am glad you found it of interest Robin. A visit to the store would be worthwhile for you, I have no doubt!! Thank you yes, I plan on joining the Chuck T club and will keep you posted on which ones are the winner for this summer.

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