magical summer dinners

Yesterday I stopped by the local farm stand in my neighborhood.  It was lovely to see all that all of the bright sweet tomatoes are fully in season yet also a reminder that summer is nearing its end.  When I made note of this to the staff, one of the farmer’s commented that the air has already changed a bit during their morning work in the fields.  So while it is still summer in New England, I plan to enjoy as much of what is left of it as I can.

Dining al fresco has always been something I enjoy with friends and family and try to do as often as possible during this time of year.  I find there is something magical about being warm and carefree enough to sit outside for hours in good company over a lovely dinner and wine.  I think especially in New England where the summers are so short, we tend to try to do as much outside as possible while we have the opportunity.

Today I am inspired by this idea of a summer dinner, dinner party, or wedding celebration.

Here’s to fitting in as many magical summer dinners as you possibly can this year!


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