let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

So they are predicting that we could get up to two feet of snow tomorrow in Boston.  While you never really do know until it happens, I am actually hoping for a bit of a snowstorm.  There is something wonderful about being snowed in and having a cozy day/night with good food, a great book, cozy clothing and good company.

Here are my essentials for this weekend including a fabulous recipe for a spicy Pho Noodle soup which I plan on trying out while the flakes are falling!!


Let it Snow: My Snow Storm Essentials


1. This Pho recipe looks perfect for a cold snowy day with a nice balance of spicy lemongrass broth and fresh vegetables from  What’s Cooking Good Looking {an amazing natural foods blog}
2.  + 3.  Both from J.Crew’s collection.  Can’t beat a cashmere hoodie and cozy striped pants to stay in and be cozy
4. How ADORABLE are these Burberry satin slippers?  They come in other colors as well such as pink or gold.
5. I am reading this book right now about the Shocking Life of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, it’s very interesting.  Should you be looking for a good read, I recommend it.
6. For my sweet little puppy Sofie, to keep her warm as she plays in the snow {she loves to play & roll around in the snow}
7.  Organic White Tiger Tea / 8.

So there you have it.  I think I am ready.  The list of ingredients is written out for the soup and I just need to make sure I get to the grocery store before Friday.  Do you have any favorite snowstorm essentials or recipes that you are planning on for this weekend?

Image sources for top images:  Snow Cottage, Snow Hearts, Snow-Kissed Brownstones

Happy Thursday!


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