Last Night’s SEED Event | Emerging Local Student Designers

Last night StyleWeek hosted their SEED event which was presented by Swarovski, and it was amazing!!

You may remember my post from last Friday that SEED is a student design competition where 10 student designers create a one of a kind garment based on criteria provided from the team at StyleWeek.  The criteria was that the students needed to create something from a sustainable point of view.  And you will see the talent that graced the runway last night was incredibly impressive.

The event showcased the designs which were judged by a jury of 8 industry professionals including designer and project runway alumni Jonathan Joseph Peters,  Jenna Pelletier from the Providence Journal, Audrey McClelland, founder of Mom Generations, and Joseph Aaron Segal designer and Project Runway contestant.

Here’s a look at each contestant and their creations {you can view each student’s full bio here} :

CHLOË DAVIS: third year Fashion Design major at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Created a garment named “Tea Dress”.  It was made out of 3,000 tea bags; look at the detail both on the front and back of this dress!!  Stunning!

Valentina Oppezza:  student at The School of Fashion Design in Boston. Her design was named “Your Choice” {notice the solar charger necklace charm}.


Amy Plant:  third year fashion design major at Massachusetts College of Art & Design.  This piece had a removable jacket with the words “god save the green jacket” on the back.

Jaclyn Robichaud who has always been interested in sustainable fashion and makes her patterns in such a way that when cut, she creates a minimal waste. Her design last night focused being geometric.

Nyima S. Smith:  senior fashion design student at Massachusetts College of Art & Design and her piece was made entirely of organic cotton.

Hye Rin Choi:  pursuing a diploma at the School of Fashion Design in Boston.  Originally from Korea, she created a piece with a green & tan color palette {notice the Swarovski bling her model is wearing also!!}.

Kaleigh Guay: senior at the University of Rhode Island.  Her design was called “Torquoise Lady” and was inspired by the Statue of liberty, a symbol of Women’s Independence.

Erika Williams: junior in the Fashion Design program at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.  She named her piece “Chains of Light”.  This piece was definitely unique as it was entirely non-textile and made of paper clips!!  It was stunning, amazing and quite the wow factor.


Yue We: currently a level one student at the School of Fashion Design, Boston. Born in China originally her design was named “Warrior” and was inspired by the strength the female emporer of China.

Jessica Tenczar:  junior at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  She named her dress “Birch Bark Dress”.  Another wow factor, look at the work of this piece made of birch wood!!

And the winner is……………..

Chloë Davies – Tea Bag dress!!  Her prize as an emerging designer is $500 in cash, 2 months of representation and a PR campaign via StyleWeek PR and an opportunity to have her own runway show at an upcoming StyleWeek event.

The level of creativity that came from all of these students is both impressive and an inspiration.  I admire a program such as this, encouraging emerging talent to pursue their passion and flourish into the designers they were meant to be. Congratulations to Chloë and all SEED participants!!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and would love to know which design is your favorite?

Have a great day!

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  1. Rochelle says:

    The dress made of tea bags is unreal! What talent!

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