Inspired: Great Gatsby | part two


I hope you were as inspired by Great Gatsby as I was in yesterday’s post, and I would be leaving out an enormous part of the Gatsby glamour if I didn’t spend some time on the fashion.  The flapper girls/1920’s fashion is really iconic and came back in a big way last spring.  Vogue Germany put together a beautiful spread with Gatsby style fashion that brings the era to life in stunning way.





I find this long look quite elegant.

This Ralph Lauren look says Daisy Buchanan all the way!


{image via:  Vogue Italia}


As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, I have never been more inspired to host a party at my home!  My city flat is not that big so I tend to host more dinner parties than cocktail parties however I love the idea of a themed cocktail party where guests need to dress the part {what great photos we would get!!}.  It will definitely take some time to pull the perfect look together.


I did invest in a fringed piece from Norma Kamali 2 years ago for an event {non-Gatsby themed} and I knew it was a piece I would have forever {does fringe really ever go out of style?}.  I’ve worn it to quite a few events and always receive compliments on it.  She has some amazing  fringe tunics and dresses that would be a fabulous start to any Gatsby inspired outfit.

Look at even the adorable fringe bikini!!

You can find all of these items here.


I also came across this runway look from Gucci and put together a board on how you can achieve this look.


Gatsby Style

  1. /  2. / 3. / 4. /  5.  /  6. / 7.


The deco cakes on the board above are by Lael cake boutique in Brooklyn, NY.  They specialize in stunning vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free cakes {which is pretty fabulous}.

Have you ever dressed up Gatsby style?


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