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Now is the time when I really start to hone in on vacation plans not only for the summer but for the year.  I came across the IDEAL restorative vacation for me and wanted to share it as I think it’s a unique experience and opportunity that may resonate with you as well.  While it’s restorative in nature, it takes place in beautiful Ibiza off of Spain which would entitle some time exploring Spain as well with the addition of a few days {a perfect balance of culture and wellness}.

The retreat is a 6 day wellness retreat in Ibizia where Sarah Britton {a Holistic Nutritionist and author of a blog I love and follow  My New Roots} will take you through a  six day detox program through cooking and eating delicious, cleansing meals together.  There will be lectures, group discussions, a visit to a local organic farm, and hands-on cooking demonstrations, as well as morning and afternoon yoga.  The morning yoga sessions to be be more of a yang style {deep flow}, and the afternoon sessions being more of a restorative yin style.

The retreat will be hosted in a private villa which is surrounded by ancient gardens and terraced woodland, with a stunning Balinese Pool.

How could you not come back from a trip like this completely refreshed, restored and glowing from all of the healthy surroundings and activities?  The dates are September 1-6 and you can view more information about it here.  Sadly those dates conflict with an event I already have on the books, so I will not make this trip, but I love the idea of it and look forward to see what they’ll be offering up next!


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  1. Hi Emmanuelle, I love your blog! It would be great if you can join us next time on this amazing retreat!! Hope to meet you then 🙂

    • Emmanuelle says:

      Thank you very much!! Absolutely, keep me posted on your next trip and I look forward to a retreat in my very near future.

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