happy valentine’s day | from me to you

Happy Valentine’s day!!

Wishing each and every one of you a day filled with love and happiness and nothing but wonderful things – you deserve it and are worthy of it.  Life is short so don’t forget to tell those you love,  that you love them and relish in the moment of wearing pink & red, getting a valentine’s day manicure, drinking a beautiful rose champagne, eating dessert & remembering that dreams DO come true!!

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!

Image sources by row from left to right:
Row 1:  valentine’s romance image/ balloon heart/ pretty little milkshakesheart balloons / cookies / rose chamagne & fig tartlettes
Row 2: peoonies {love} / xo mini cakes
Row 3:  pretty pretty valentine’s day tablerose champagne
Row 4: A lovely rose cardamom cocktail recipe by design sponge  {nothing like a bit of flower in your cocktail} / lovely heart dishes / and remember dreams DO come true!!

Happy, Happy Valentine’s day from me to you.

with love,

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