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This week the Copley Square Farmer’s Market officially opened.  This makes me very happy.  The abundance of rich colors, fresh produce, herbs and flowers is a welcome sight now that spring has arrived.  Not to mention the opportunity to integrate locally grown in season produce into your kitchen and flowers into your home in a much broader way than possible during the winter months.


While it’s the first week and the farmer’s will only increase their produce selection as the season progresses, I thought I’d share the beautiful things I came across today as well as some recipes to compliment what’s in season right now for some fun weekend dishes.

My first stop was at the Siena Farms stand.

Asparagus, beautiful asparagus.

Beautiful morel mushrooms.

An abundance of vibrant fresh spring onions, just waiting to be utilized in the perfect recipe.  This Spring Onion Tart Recipe is easy, light and incredibly flavorful.  Would be a great weekend dish accompanied with fresh greens and a glass of rosé.

My next stop was at Atlas Farms and I was greeted with these stunning radishes.

My favorite way to enjoy radishes is with a bit of butter and salt.  My grandfather loved them, {les radis as he would say} and they were almost always on the dinner table served that way growing up.  You should also know that they have incredible nutritional value.  They are one of the highest vegetable sources of vitamin C and possess rejuvenative properties due to their high sulfur, and silicon content {not too shabby for this little vegetable}.

There were also many plants available for your garden such as lettuce and vegetable plants as well as herbs.

Oh hello lovelies!  Beautiful sweet strawberries, how can you walk by these and just leave them there {I couldn’t}?

I came across this lovely recipe via Camille Styles blog.  It is a strawberry, brie and butter lettuce salad with a dijon vinaigrette and marcona almonds – Delish!!

Would be a lovely accompaniment to the spring onion tart recipe above, or simply on it’s own.

So there you have it.  A few highlights from today’s market visit.  I plan to make this a regular series on my blog with variety in content, as we see all sorts of produce throughout the summer.  Last summer when I took some time off after leaving the corporate world, I was incredibly inspired by my learnings of in-season ingredients and ways to integrate them into my kitchen.  It is my hope that through this series and by sharing what I’ve learned, I will pass that inspiration on to you.

Wishing you a lovely and beautiful weekend,



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