flower envy

Who doesn’t love flowers?  We all have our favorites but really, simply the sight of them adds happiness to our lives, whether outdoors, on your kitchen table or at your local farmer’s market.  When it comes to events, integrating flowers on a larger scale is a big part of the event design process.  There are endless options but coming up with well thought out, creative, and unique executions that are balanced, and not over-the-top-eccentric are key.

I came across this wedding in Vogue and let’s just say, I have flower envy.  Photographer Rachel Chandler and Stylist Tom Guiness wed at a friend’s home in Gloucestershire England this past Easter and I have to say, I love everything about their wedding {especially the use of flowers}.  They collaborated with florist Juliet Glaves who came up with striking designs incorporating unique flower combinations to compliment the property and spaces, starting with this mimosa garland around the front door.

This last image is of a bush that was in the middle of the flat land where the tent would be placed.  As a result they utilized it by adding flowers and lighting and making paper tags available for guests to write their wishes to the couple.  In other words, a not so conveniently placed bush, integrated into the tent and converted into an enchanting wish tree.

A few additional notes:
The tent is to die for.  The lining was hand-painted by a local artist.  The fern ceiling is perfect for a garden setting.
The menu cards were designed by the artist at Happy Menocal.  I have always been a BIG fan of personalizing menu cards in lieu of place cards.  This will be a must have for my own wedding one day.
The cake was made by the groom’s sister and placed on a glass box which you can see Juliet {the florist} filled with flowers.
Could you just flip over the flower chains?   They are made with ranunculus, tulips, narcissus, and anemone – STUNNING!!

Wishing you a beautiful Monday.


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  1. frenchieabroad says:

    I love this post (again)…. beautiful, romantic, modern… Thank you!! x

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