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Adding edible flowers to your table is a little and relatively easy detail to implement with a big impact by adding beautiful color and flavor accents to dishes & cocktails.  In the past I have used edible flowers in salads, as well as as a cocktail garnish and there are many other ways to incorporate these lovelies into your parties.  They have distinct flavors of their own as an herb would and a versatility in that is understated.

These ice cubes with edible flowers are a beautiful way to garnish a clear drink and easy to make.  The image to the right is goat cheese with an edible flower medley.  Why not dress up a cheese course?

{image 1 & 2}

I have often seen and used pansies in both cocktails and salads.  They have a a mild fresh flavor with a hint of wintergreen.


I love a salad with edible flowers.  Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, MA has an amazing mesclun mix with edible flowers every spring/summer that I have been known to drive 30 miles for in order to dress up a special dinner party.  Martha featured one for a mother’s day brunch concept and you can find her recipe here.  The more variety in color when selecting flowers to mix in with greens, the better.

This dish below was featured in this month’s Martha Stewart as well. It is steamed halibut with borage flowers which give a cucumber like flavor.  You can find the recipe here.

Marigold’s are a new one for me.  I’ve never used them but am intrigued by this recipe for this Moroccan mint tea cocktail with marigolds.   Marigolds are known to give a bit of a citrusy flavor.  This will be served at my next dinner party.  It is perfect for this time of  year, and would be a lovely addition to an al fresco event menu.

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A less obvious choice but not to be forgotten is the huckleberry.  This recipe for grilled zucchini with feta topped with huckleberries would be quite the party pleaser.

Edible flowers can be added to desserts as well which create a beautiful sweet with a few petals.

{image 1 & 2}

A cake with viola’s?  Yes please!!

{image 1 & 2}

There are a wide array of flowers that can be used in dishes and as garnishes.  It is important to use the petals only, and flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticides. If you cannot find them at a local farm or market near you, can order them on-line here. Below is a list of common edible flowers for your reference.

If you want to take it a step further, I suggest you check out this beautiful cookbook full of recipes incorporating edible flowers to add to your kitchen and have on hand when you need a pretty recipe.

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