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My philosophy for dressing has always been about investing in really great basics and then sprinkling in more trendy accessories or pieces seasonally at a lower price point.  Some of my best wardrobe pieces are basics that I may have invested in up-front but still have over 5-7 years later and they still look great.

While I wear a lot of black and neutrals, I think that putting together an effortlessly casual chic look that looks fabulous all the time, is an important thing to nail down each season.  I for one am not a huge fan of leopard.  I think it looks great on everybody else but not necessarily on me, unless it is in really small doses.  Last year I bought my first pair of leopard flats, which I now wear often with all black and love them.  I also love this look below integrating a skinny leopard belt with well selected neutrals.  It’s an easy look to run around in, yet still look polished.  Just add some gold bangles and voila!


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1 | you can’t go wrong with a camel cashmere sweater.  this v-neck version by J.Crew is simply a classic.
2 | these skinny black pants from Zara are a great fall staple.  I picked up a pair of black skinny coated pants from Zara last year and they have turned out to be one of my best basics.
3 | the detail this look needs is in this belt.
4 | these black and gold earrings are a must have!  I added them to my accessory collection last year and wear them all the time.  I love the gold simple gold accent and get compliments on them all the time.
5 | these Lanvin flats are a no brainer.  beautiful, classic and a basic that will take you across seasons for many years.

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