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As I mentioned to you earlier this week, I needed to finalize my easter menu for this upcoming Sunday.  I have devised two menu options that I am having trouble deciding between.   The first one incorporates one of my favorite salads, that has been a go to for us for many Easter’s.  It has lobster, avocado, grapefruit & hearts of palm.  The second menu is mostly vegetarian with a few recipes that would be new to me such as the spring soba noodles and the strawberry rhubarb tart {always a risk but luckily my family is always great about me trying out a new recipe on them}.  Either menu would make for a lovely spring meal beyond Easter. Have a look and let me know if you have a preference!  All recipe links are included below.

Option 1:

POISE. Easter lunch menu | option 1smashed pea dip with pita chips | raw carrot-ginger soup | lobster salad | roasted white asparagus


Option 2:

POISE. Easter lunch menu | option 2

crab salad canapés | chive blini with creme fraiche, quail eggs and tarragon {serving these make you look like a hero.  they are relatively easy to make and look so colorful and festive for Easter} | raw carrot – ginger soup | Easter salad | spring soba noodles | strawberry rhubarb tart

Do you have any go to recipes for Easter? If so I’d love to hear about them!!

bon appétit!

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