As an event planner you are constantly looking at creative spaces that could be potential event venue options. Depending on the nature of the event you have a different set of criteria that needs to be met.  For example a wedding venue for a couple wanting a wedding by the sea versus a fashion show for an emerging New York designer will have very different directions, however similar to looking for a home, the right space should evoke a feeling when you walk-in; a bit of a dramatic feeling {good dramatic feeling} similar to “WOW”.  In some cases you might need to or want to transform the space, but at a minimum the bones of it should resonate with your overall vision for the event.  If you are wow-ed by the space before it’s set for the event, imagine the impact on the guests when they walk in to a fully set space?

Before the holidays ACNE Studios celebrated their latest store opening in Los Angeles and hosted a dinner in the soon to open Ace hotel {opening in the United Artists Theatre}.  The layout and space set-up is breathtaking and is a perfect example of a “dramatic” space for a new store launch dinner party, would you agree?

Acne Los Angeles dinner partyImage via Harper’s Bazaar by Alex Berliner

Acne Store Opening Dinner

image via Hollywood Reporter by Alex Berliner

Just gorgeous!



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