Dorado Beach on my radar

Some dear friends of mine just returned from a wonderful break in Puerto Rico {a place I have yet to visit} and after hearing how lovely their experience was and how easy it is to get there from Boston {a bit over 3 hours via direct flight}, I am intrigued not only for personal reasons,  but also as a place that could be an ideal venue for a corporate event or media launch for the right brand, not to mention a destination wedding.

Ironically, as I flipped through my latest Departures Magazine I came across an article about the newly designed and opened Dorado Beach Resort, a reserve which is being managed by the Ritz-Carlton featuring 114 guest rooms right on the beach & 13 residences {all of which have been sold} and just recently opened in December.

According to Richard David from Departures, Dorado Beach was a swanky hang out and  the home of one of the Caribbean’s first luxury resorts in the 1960’s.   With this soon to be $1billion well-thought out project, I wonder if they will now recreate this as THE swanky destination for anyone who appreciates fashion, style and luxury {watch out St. Barts}?

The property is situated on 1400 acres, part of which were a coconut and citrus plantation {that’s not going to be beautiful at all!!}, and features details such as treetop massage rooms, a pink villa that is said to be where Ameilia Earhart overnighted prior to her disappearance and is now a beautifully renovated 4 bedroom hacienda {available at $30,000 per night}.

This is an individual room with it’s own private pool. What a breathtaking view!

The spa alone is located on a 5-acre sanctuary utilizing local Puerto Rican ingredients and ManoSantas as therapists who treat with fresh locally collected herbs, healing oils and powerful affirmations or prayers.

As mentioned there is a tree-top massage room.  Example treatments include a hammock massage in the treehouse which is a rhythmic massage focusing on pressure points on the back, hands and feet while you sway in a hammock or a body soak herbal compress and massage where the ManoSantas will create a concoction of botanical infusions for the ultimate wellness experience {I’m sold!}.  You can view the full spa menu here.

This is the hacienda that Amelia Earhart was said to stay in.  Now a 4 room hacienda for the guest looking for ultimate privacy for their family {including Jennifer Lopez}.

One of four hacienda bedrooms.

Imagine what types of lovely meals will be shared in the hacienda dining room? Would be fun to create the perfect table setting for it!!

And yes of course it has it’s own private infinity pool.

The restaurant on-site is called Mi Casa and is run by chef José Andrés from Barcelona and who is behind The Bazaar  restaurants in Miami, L.A. & D.C.  You can view the menu for Mi Casa here.  Let’s just say there is no shortage on fresh ingredients and creativity here,  I am inspired just perusing the menu.

I have a feeling we’ll be reading a lot more about this luxury destination as they seem to have done everything right and will undoubtedly attract all sorts of fabulous guests.

Have a great day and stay inspired!


{all images courtesy of Dorado Beach, Ritz-Carlton}

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  1. Christiane says:

    Amazing ;worth keeping in mind for an extraordinary vacation.

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