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The most fun in creating an event is in the details.  It’s what makes the experience personal to the host or brand, it’s what guests notice and appreciate and it’s what will give the event the personality that is reflective of the hosts.

Wedding blogger Amanda Halbrook from 100 layer cake‘s wedding takes details to a level that would send any event designer over the moon, resulting in a retro-glamourous affair with an underlying James Bond theme.

Let’s start with the invitation, shall we?  Amanda is a graphic designer so she designed not only their invites, but drink coasters and cocktail napkins, matchboxes, flower take-away bags, sweets bags, menus, programs, and dinner napkins, and you can see they are fun, with a great balance of modern and vintage.  I love the concept that Amanda used, of not having these pieces match exactly, yet creating them in such a way that they thread through to create a complete look.  It’s sophisticated without being too formal.

The wedding party was well styled and gifted!!  There was so much thought put into some of their elements.  Notice their dresses {like the invite} coordinate beautifully but don’t match perfectly?  You’ll love the gift box for the bridesmaids as well as their shoes {with glitter added by the bride} delivered with a custom message from the bride on the soles.

This quintessential southern California backdrop for the ceremony is perfection!

The bar had a really fun collection of vintage glasses from the bride’s personal collection and bond themed cocktails. Good to know that I am not the only one with a vintage glassware obsession! The waitstaff also handed out vintage playing cards with quotes from James Bond.

How fun is this place setting?  It’s vintage and glamorous all rolled into one.  Baubles adorned with the quote “the future is forever bright” are what first inspired me to share this wedding with you.  They were custom made for the event and I think would work well for a variety of glamorous occasions.  Oh and the napkins? The pattern was custom designed by the bride.

And naturally, they sped off in a vintage stingray corvette Bond style to close their incredible evening.

Are you swooning over these details as much as I am?  There are more if you are interested in getting further lost in this wedding’s fabulous elements.  You can view the complete wedding on 100 layer cake via 3 different posts: invitation suitewedding part 1 and wedding part 2 .  At minimum you should see their short wedding video here, by videographer Brian Morrow of Sharkpig. He did an excellent job of capturing the mood and it’s edited in a very retro glam way, just like the event was.  You’ll feel as though you were there.

I can’t imagine this was anything less than their best day ever!



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