Classic. Clean. White | part deux

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post I put together a board to create the look for entertaining with a clean white on white color palette.  I was inspired by a few key pieces for a beautiful table as well as layering in a tiny bit of charcoal to give the look some depth.


Entertaining: Clean Classic White


1. This Murano Glass Chandelier comes in an opaque white as well that is quite stunning {I’ve been eyeing it for my place actually}
2. This double old-fashioned glass by ittalia is elegant but adds a bit of texture
3. Wine Glass
4.  two options here:  for a true white on white look, I came across this white linen napkin with a white polka dot detail border, or to layer in a bit of charcoal, this accent napkin.
6. double duty place setting/favor box for guests that adds a lovely touch to the table setting.  Fill them with truffles, macaroons or a breakfast pastry for the next morning.
5. I love these french ceramic – trays {and would use them as plates} from ABC Carpet & Home
7. Candelabra from CB2 will give the center of the table some height
8. flatware
9. Via Martha Stewart {of course} How pretty is this spin on the traditional crudité hors d’oeuvre?  Compliments a white theme nicely and it’s wonderful to see this new combination of vegetables.

Have a fabulous day!

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