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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, a horrific and heartbreaking day in the city so many of us call home and for all involved in the events around the marathon.  There have been so many wonderful acts of kindness and generosity since April 15th, 2013, which shows that goodness prevails always, and generally speaking humanity is kind.

Today my heart, thoughts and prayers are with the families affected and devastated by the terrorist acts of last year.  I was happy to see that Mayor Martin Walsh has invited all of us to join in a moment of silence today at 2:49pm to honor those affected by the tragic event.

moment of silence

As for this year, there are so many people participating who didn’t have an opportunity to finish last year, or to raise money to help those affected last year.  As we remember the victims I also look forward to cheering on and supporting the many heroes that will grace our beautiful city to run with strength and pride next Monday – I admire and commend their courage.

sending my fellow Bostonians, and all those affected strength and comfort today,


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  1. Tia says:

    This is such a great little post! I moved to Boston this year for college and have been so touched and inspired by our city’s devotion to honoring this tragic day!

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