blackberry goodness

It recently dawned on me that as healthy as I consider my diet to be, I am absolutely not eating enough fruit these days. Actually I don’t think I eat fruit more than twice a week {yikes}!  Vegetables no problem, but given my craving for savory flavors over sweet, I realized that I need to make a conscious effort to integrate fruit into my diet on a daily basis.  Not a bad problem to have.

One of my favorite fruits is the blackberry.  A deep rich black/purple fruit that is iron-rich and loaded with antioxidants what’s not to love about it?

Below are some recipes on my must try list.

hors d’oeuvre | skewers with blackberry, goats milk feta and a sprig of dill.  A refined alternative to caprese skewers.

cocktail | gin and muddled blackberries is a perfect combination for this time of year. you can find the recipe here. {this will not count as one of my fruit servings, however is a fabulous blackberry recipe that had to be shared}

pizza | this blackberry fennel pizza with hazelnuts has been on my must try list for a while. I plan to make it this weekend.  The recipe calls for goat cheese, brie or gorgonzola.  I would lean towards gorgonzola with this combination of ingredients.

blackberry, farro, arugula salad | by fork, knife swoon.  this is so light and delicious!   A really nice combination for quinoa as well which is how I made it.  Combined with parsley, gorgonzola and a blackberry vinaigrette – yes please!  {I adapted the vinaigrette by leaving the sugar out simply used the EVOO, shallots uncooked, and balsamic vinegar}

blackberry tarts | a raw vegan version which includes a crust made of almonds and dates and a filling of a lemon cashew cream.  they are healthy, and so pretty!  Would be a lovely dessert as a large tart for a dinner party or even make a nice statement in the mini version on a dessert table.

Wishing you a beautiful thursday!

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