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This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time at the beach with some dear college friends.  It is a tradition that was started several years ago, and regardless of what we have going on in our lives, we work to make ourselves available for this one weekend per year, to catch-up and enjoy a summer weekend together.  As you can imagine these weekends are always good for the soul, full of laughs, and never disappoint – I came back with a heart  full of gratitude.

As I was packing, I realized that I need to streamline my beach gear.  I’ve purged my old swimsuits but do need an updated swimsuit and overall beach look.  Just like my wardrobe, I like the idea of sticking to staples for a look that always looks elegant.  You can always layer in trendier and less expensive options seasonally, but I like the idea of having a solid go to look.

A Summer Weekend Away

1 | I am obsessed with these beach towels.  Practical and well designed.

2 | Marysia’s signature scalloped edge bathing suits have a nice balance of classic with

3 | In my older age, I realize I need a hat at the beach.  I have always been diligent with sunscreen, but I don’t like the exposure of my face to the sun for hours {even with sunscreen} at the beach and a hat does a great job of shading your face.  This one with freyed edges has an edgier look {also love this one}.

4 | Is this not the perfect bag for weekend escapes? Event better…it is made in the USA, right here in Massachusetts!

5 | I love this cover-up.  It just makes you look very put together, regardless of how messy your hair gets at the beach. {also available here}

6 | These sandals are perfect to wear to the beach or really as a summer casual flat anytime.  An effortless basic.

7 | This is my go to lip balm for the beach and for the summer with SPF all natural, chemical free and safe, vegan and effective.

Enjoy this gorgeous summer weekend!


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