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So I have a newly developed crush on Slim Aarons’ photographs.  You very well may be familiar with his work and I am not sure where I’ve been, but I just recently discovered his photos and am obsessed!  I love how he captures glamorous moments of socialites and celebrities vacationing and living lives of style primarily in places like Palm Beach, Miami, the Amalfi Coast and Greece. He was known to never use a stylist, or a makeup artist and described his approach as “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”  That pretty much sums up his style, and he was really good at capturing it.

I find his photos to be understandable {as in you feel as though you could be there} yet aspirational {as in you dream about being a part of these glamorous settings}.  I particularly like how he captures events and parties.  The glam party style is right up my alley.

Don’t you just love this timeless glamour?  The double decker patio umbrellas are pretty fabulous statement poolside pieces.  You can find the blue one pictured here.

Naturally, I have been looking into where you can find his artwork for sale.  These photos would look great in a variety of settings as shown below {over a bar cart, in an office, in an entryway, or even a nursery for a lucky baby}.

{all images}

You can find his photos for sale in a variety of places.  Jonathan Adler has some pieces on his website as does Ralph Lauren.  You can also order prints via Getty Images here.  Alternatively you can enjoy his photography at home through one of his books Poolside with Slim Aarons, Slim Aarons La Dolce Vita, or Slim Aarons a Place in the Sun.

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