An Italian in Paris!

Hello, and happy Monday!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend {although not quite as long as last weekend}.

Last week I had a few meetings regarding fashion show planning and a fashion show venue which is always an exciting topic for me.  Fashion shows are glamorous even when you are organizing them.  They give designers/brands a platform to create an experience via the set design, music, food and wine, as well as which model will wear which look and how through styling, hair and make-up to tell the story of their latest collections. It’s a production that tells a story.

I have organized several fashion shows for a variety of clients and I would have to say they are probably one of my favorite types of events to put together given all of the creative elements necessary to bring a theme to life.

It all starts with the venue though.  What is the suitable venue to bring these themes to life? And that really depends on many variables based on what the designer is looking to accomplish. There are endless creative opportunities for settings, runway shapes and sizes along with seating styles.  Here are a few images to show you the range amongst luxury designers stage and runway set designs {courtesy of Wallpaper* magazine}.

This past summer the Louvre in Paris opened it’s doors for Salvatore Ferragamo to show his resort 2013 collection.  It was the first time in the Louvre’s 900 year existence that they opened the inside of the museum for a catwalk, and to boot it was for an Italian designer.

Now first of all, who wouldn’t want to host any event at the Louvre? And to be the first designer to show your collection there, must have been a prestigious honor not only to the Ferragamo family, but to Massimiliano Giornetti, the brand’s Creative Director.

The show was set in the Pavillon Denon Wing, overlooking the iconic pyramid.

The buildout featured a 140-metre {about 450 foot} long runway – the longest ever built for a show in Paris. What a long catwalk for the models!!

From everything I’ve read, the team at Ferragamo surprised and delighted their 500 attendees with their incredible location and production. There was a post-show dinner event under the pyramid as well to celebrate this brilliant launch of an Italian in Paris. Congrats to the team Salvatore Ferragamo, I can’t wait to see what they do next!!

Cheers to a great week ahead!

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