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Well hello.

How I’ve missed you, and missed blogging.  I thought I would return this year by sharing some notes from a recent trip to Tulum.  It was a trip that I planned to ring in a milestone birthday.  I feel very lucky to have a birthday right after new year’s, as it has caused me to habitually kick-off each calendar year with self-reflection and goal setting as a result of entering a new year and turning one year older within a few days of each other.  This year was a milestone so I wanted to fuel my passion for wellness with a trip that would enable me to stop and appreciate everything I have, while setting intentions for a new year and new decade in my life.

There were a few parameters that were important to me for this trip:

  • Must be warm weather in January & and must be on a beach
  • Must have healthy, clean food
  • Must have Yoga daily

A few of my girlfriends decided to join me for this adventure, and as we conducted research for places that would meet the above criteria, we landed on a place called Amansala in Tulum, which offered all of the above and then some.  It was 6 days of paradise with morning meditations, walks on the beach, yoga and an array of other fitness classes, very healthy food in a clean simple way, as well as incredible mayan healing treatments, and sightseeing  – it was exactly what I we needed.  I wish I took more photos during my time there, but the truth is, it was such a transformative experience, I often left my camera behind so I could soak it all in and completely unplug.  Knowing that I wanted to blog about this trip and share it with you, I did manage to capture some highlights.

The accommodations at Amansala are rustic yet beautiful and there are no bad views.  This was my  bedroom in our suite.

hotel room | amansala

Meals were hosted here, and the view was even more beautiful in person as you can imagine.

my trip to amansala IMG_4821IMG_4966IMG_4885

You could do as much as you wanted to during the days, and this is what an average day list of options looked like.


The sunrises and sunsets were magical, {as they all are}, and I didn’t miss a morning sunrise during this trip.  The morning mediations during sunrise were an incredible way to start each day.

IMG_4823 IMG_4830 IMG_4835

Each day meditation was followed by a walk on the beach.  Tulum beach is lined with beautiful chic hotels and with the sound of the waves and the stunning scenery, I found these walks to be incredibly soothing.

IMG_4863 IMG_4840 IMG_4843   IMG_4883

Dressing and packing for this trip was easy and simple.  All you really need is a bathing suit, a coverup that you would pretty much spend most of your time in when not going to classes, yoga gear, great shades and a great sunscreen {how refreshing!}.  Here are some of my picks for not only Tulum but the beach this year.

Tulum | Mexico

Rimless Mirrored Iridescent Ray-Ban Sunglasses {just bought these and love them} | Marysia scalloped bikini | coverup {love the side tie details and subtle print} | My go to clean sunscreen for the face | great Balenciaga studded flat sandals for the beach or dinner

This is a trip and experience I am so grateful for, I would go back in a minute and met some incredible people from around the world during my time there.  I came back with clarity, a whole new set of healthy recipes, and in better shape than I was when I left. If you are looking for a healthy, escape somewhere beautiful along the ocean, I would highly recommend Amansala.

Wishing you a beautiful day, and a Spring filled with endless opportunities,


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