Amazing Aman

Amazing Aman

With the holiday season in full swing , and the craze of decorating, shopping, cooking, entertaining, and party going {all of which I am thankful for}, I can’t help but dream of a post-holiday getaway. I am a big believer in travel; growing up I traveled to Europe every summer to spend time with my grandparents in Switzerland and my career has taken me all over the world, so even when I am not working, I try to ensure that I am going to new places and experiencing new cultures whenever I can so that I am constantly learning. I read a quote somewhere that said, “to travel is to evolve”, and I couldn’t agree more.

When I left the corporate world this summer the first thing I did was organize a trip for myself to cleanse mind, body and spirit. I really wanted to go to Bali and hop around between different areas in Indonesia, however given the time of year I ended up exploring Croatia and crossing “take a cooking class in Tuscany” off of my bucket list {which was also fabulous}. More on that later.

Needles to say, during my research I stumbled upon Aman Resorts, and they are still on my radar today. Their design is minimalistic and zen and they offer the ultimate retreat. Their resorts are built in unique settings and they have beautiful facilities, their hotels are known for exceptional service and offer a limited number of guest rooms at each location so you absolutely go off the beaten path when you stay there.

They have been around since 1988 {starting with their flagship location in Phuket, Thailand} and in 2009, they opened their second US location – Amangiri, – {the first is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming}. Amangiri was designed by 3 architects: Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy.

Amazing Aman

Departures Magazine {a publication I will drop everything for when it arrives in the mail} featured an article with the hotelier and founder of Aman Resorts, Adrian Zecha where he talked a bit about the brand and resorts and what it took to build a location such as Amangiri. Amangiri is set in southwestern Utah {close to Arizona} within the area known as the Four Corners. When asked why Aman often situates their hotels in remote, hard-to-get-to places, Adrian Zecha responded “The site usually dictates our choices, and they are often not easy-to-reach-places”. I have to agree with Mr. Zecha. Sometimes the most beautiful places are the hardest to get to.

This setting is breathtaking. For all of you yogis out there, would you not agree what a breathtaking place this would be to practice yoga? Look at their yoga studio!

Amazing Aman

My guess is that there is not a bad view on the property. Look at this suite & bathroom. What a view to wake up to or fall asleep with.

Amazing Aman

Amazing Aman

Their 25,000 spa consists of a spa pavilion & reflection pool. I could definitely relax here, how about you?

Amazing Aman

Their spa menu takes on a holistic approach and includes elements of Navajo culture and healing traditions to achieve balance.

Amazing Aman

It’s no question how unique and exclusive these resorts are. And while I may dream of taking a holiday here someday, it would also be a real DREAM for a client to plan a wedding or event here. What a spectacular setting! This would be a perfect press trip or executive retreat venue.

Until then, I plan {and suggest you do as well}, to take a trip to their website for some further design inspiration from their locations around the world.

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Photos courtesy of: Aman Resorts.

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  1. michael Latchford says:

    This post has inspired me to cleanse my mind, body and spirit……….and take a vacation to somewhere ZEN!

    • Emmanuelle says:

      So glad you are inspired by this!! It seems like a very zen place and cleansing the mind, body and spirit is NEVER a bad idea.

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