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This weekend I had the opportunity to put some thought into what I plan to bring for the fourth of July.  I am not hosting but I do like to make a few things to bring with me for the hostess.

Through my thought process I devised a menu that would be fit for fourth of July entertaining that goes beyond a traditional cookout menu or clambake {both of which are fabulous options}, and incorporates healthy recipes using primarily in-season ingredients that {in most cases} can be made ahead.  What I like about this menu is that you can serve it family style at the table, buffet style where guests can help themselves or even serve the dishes cocktail party style on small plates or in small bowls as your guests enjoy fireworks, a parade, or bonfires depending on your Independence Day entertainment.

POISE. Fourth of July menu

Choices, recipes & details:

This thyme lemonade can be served with or without vodka.  So it is just as easily a cocktail as it is a beautiful pitcher of lemonade.

I have an addiction to this pineapple cucumber gazpacho during the summer.  I’ve been making it once a week since the warm weather has arrived, and will bring a large bowl with me to share for the fourth.  It is not sweet because the cucumber and jalepeño balance out the sweetness of the pineapple – it is incredibly refreshing and a lovely way to kick off any summer meal.

We made these open-faced lobster sandwiches last year and they take the lobster roll to a whole new level.  The avocado spread with toasted fennel seeds & lemon is a lovely addition in lieu of mayonnaise.

Radish are plentiful at the farmer’s market this time of year, and this radish-couscous salad with cucumber, edamame, avocado and arugula looks like a must-have.  We will be adding this to our menu this year.  I plan to forgo the chicken stock and cook the couscous in water.

This minted-watermelon salad is fabulous.  SO easy to make and such a hit with pretty much everyone.  If you can find ricotta salata I would opt for that over feta.  It’s so complementary to the watermelon & mint without overpowering it.  I’ve been able to find the ricotta salata at whole foods without a problem.

Strawberries are in full season as well, so this strawberry-basil popsicle recipe would be a lovely way to enjoy them on a hot day.  These star popsicle molds via Target would create the perfect shape popsicle for the fourth.

I am intrigued by this green fruit salad with lemon-thyme dressing & frozen grapes.  It sounds incredibly refreshing and I like the combination of fruit with lemon-thyme.

Whether you are hosting, attending a party or simply laying low, I wish you the very best as you finalize your upcoming Independence Day plans!


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