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I always love a good local story.  Boston is full of talent and discovering and being able to support a new local brand is very exciting to me. Today, I picked up a copy of Edible Boston, a great foodie magazine highlighting the local food movement in Boston with topics such as what’s new, what’s available locally, and features on local food innovators.

In the latest issue there is a feature on Evy Tea based out of South Boston and started by Evy Chen who saw an opportunity to take a naturally healthy detoxifying drink such as tea and “serve it in the most beautiful way it can be”.

She has established a process to create these teas through a cold-brewing process, which  involves steeping the teas in cold water for 16-20 hours which ‘unlike boiling water, that often burns and damages the leaves, cold water allows the tea to bloom slowly while releasing only the most delicate flavors without any bitterness. Due to it’s low acidity, cold brewed tea is much easier on the body, releasing twice as many antioxidants and very little caffeine’.  She also preserves the tea without any added chemicals, only through a heat pasteurization process and packages it in these fabulous wine bottles.

evy tea



evy teas

Evy Tea offers three flavors at the moment:  Amber Oolong Orange Zest and Moonlight | White Tea with Apricot Jasmine flavor as well as a decaf Green Tea with Pomegranate, Fig flavors.  They are sold at specialty stores such as Foodies & Savenor’s in Boston, and  Olives and Grace in the South End {another local gem}, Shubie’s Marketplace in Marblehead as well as on-line here.

I love this idea of an all natural ready to go, modernly packaged iced tea.  Would be adorable to have at a shower or luncheon to offer to guests or simply on hand for a healthy detoxifying mocktail at home!

Happy Monday!

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