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Time is just flying by.  I feel as though we were just celebrating the New Year and here we are in the month of March already!!  Hopefully this means Spring is around the corner…I don’t know about you but with this relentless winter, I’ve never been more tempted to entertain a move to a warmer climate.  Despite the cold temperatures and snow storms in the forecast, I am still looking ahead to spring!

Here are my favorite things of the moment.

POISE | a few of my favorite things | March


1 | I love the way the photographer captured this post-wedding ceremony moment .  It is styled perfectly…the colors of the confetti and the guests clothing makes for such a colorful celebratory shot, not to mention the energy you feel from it.  I always work with my clients to make sure the the photographer has a clear idea of the moments to capture throughout the course of their event. Including a post-ceremony moment like this one, is a must for a wedding shot-list.

2 | RMS  raw coconut cream for removing make-up and as a moisturizer for your face and body.  I love it and use it as a body moisturizer all winter on my skin, it is incredibly nourishing and has natural anti-oxidant protection properties, as well as  prevents free radical damage.

3 | These flats are so cute for transitioning into Spring or even Fall post-summer.  The cheetah print is a classic paired with skinny black jeans and a casual black top – effortless style.

4 | I am not sure if you are familiar with fashion illustrator/artist Katie Rogers of PaperFashion, but I just love her work.  I am thinking of ordering this Tulle Gown print for my living room to go over a vintage piece of furniture.

5 | The idea of a sleeve for an i-phone is really appealing to me.  I like the idea of either having it out to use it or putting it away when you are not.  Too often phones end up at the dinner table and I think converting to a sleeve could help establish better boundaries.  Not to mention, it’s a much more polished look for your phone than a plastic backing, especially this version by Anya Hindmarch.

Wishing you a great month ahead!!


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