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Wow January 2015!

I hope this year is one of your best yet and that next year will be even better for you.  As we kick-off the month and the year I am sharing my favorite things of the moment with you.  You can see a combination of inspiration, detox and beauty in this month’s favorites which is exactly where my head is at right now. I am feeling inspired, working on a post-holiday cleanse/detox and seeking beauty {beautiful things} always.

POISE. | A few of my favorite things


1 | This  lighting design is actually an installation created by visual artist Félix-González Torres for the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.  I love this idea for an unused doorway for an event.  Whether for a wedding or a larger corporate event where you have less control over the spaces you have to work with due to large numbers, this is a beautiful way to block an exit while adding to the overall event design.

2 | Oscar de la Renta gold plated resin necklace.  This statement necklace is gorgeous and would work all year round. I would pair it primarily with black and white wardrobe pieces for maximum impact. 

3 | These French made Florals & flies limoges salad or dessert plates are darling and available at a great price right now {on sale}.

4 | I am in the market for new pajamas.  I love these classic yet elegant silk charmeuse pajamas, perfect for sleeping but also for lounging on cold winter evenings by the fire.

5 | May Lindstorm hand made treatment bowl & brush.  A beautiful handmade bowl and brush for the ritual of mixing and applying face masks, especially the one below…

6 | The May Lindstrom Problem Solver is an amazing treatment masque & skin detox for the face.  Like everything May Lindstrom does, this product is handcrafted {also, certified organic, wild harvested and fair trade certified} and loaded with ingredients full of enzymes such as raw cacao, bamboo charcoal, tumeric, red clay and cayenne pepper – it leaves my skin glowing.  This masque is a ritual like treatment and stays on the face for 45 minutes.  While I don’t consider myself to have problem skin, I like this for a monthly skin detox all year round.

7 | Starting towards the middle of 2014 I integrated meditation into my morning routine.  I have to say meditation is definitely not overrated.  It has helped me take things in stride, start each day with a clear perspective and manage/compartmentalize stress so much easier.  I knew I wanted to start meditating but was unsure where to begin, so this summer a friend of mine introduced me to Simply Being – a guided meditation app that enables you to select how much time you want to meditate for {5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes} and a voice guides you through it.  10 minutes a day has changed the way I approach life – and 6 months later I still use this app every morning to guide me through.  If you have been thinking of integrating meditation into your life – I highly recommend this app to get you started.

Wishing you a beautiful start to 2015!


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