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As you know from my blog,  a season doesn’t go by without a post about Chanel’s latest fashion show concepts – they inspire me in such a big way I can’t help but share the latest and greatest shows with you. From the transformation of the Grand Palais with a live orchestra, to the iconic supermarket concept,  Karl Lagerfield’s unwavering talent and vision for the brand continues to come through impeccably at their shows.  I would imagine producing these events – albeit would be a great deal of pressure, they would also be incredibly rewarding due to the creative freedom, and the opportunity to bring the seasonal theme to life down to every last detail.  Working with a brand that has a sense of vision with few limitations to make it happen is really an event planners dream!!  While the brand traditionally has shown their resort collection in places like St. Tropez, they took their Resort 2015 collection to the grand modern city of Dubai.

This was the first large fashion presentation for Chanel in the middle east and they ultimately took over a privately owned Island off of the mainland boasting spectacular views of the grand city’s skyline which has the tallest skyscraper in the world.  They brought in running water,  electricity, and palm trees,  and built everything to create an experience and venue for the event including an auditorium, which boasted cushions and sunken seats for an ultra modern middle eastern vibe.  And as you would expect from Chanel, the lattice wood on the building was made with their iconic c’s logo for the pattern.

Essentially the island was just a mound of sand and the team at Chanel created and built a space {for a day} where they hosted celebrities and press from around the world to unveil their newest resort collection.

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Amazing, brilliant and stunning – I am fascinated.

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