A community of heroes


It is with a heavy heart that I create my post today.  Like you,  I can’t stop thinking about the residents in Newtown, CT , the families that have been so traumatized, along with the fallen heroes {teachers & the principal} who have inspired so many of us through their stories and selfless acts of courage.  Thoughts, prayers and much love go out to them during this horrific time.  And while recovery isn’t going to be easy emotionally for all of the losses, fear and trauma the residents of  Newtown have experienced, they walk with the knowledge that they are not alone, and that we as a nation mourn with them.

Last night a college friend of mine who lives in Newtown with her husband and two sons, and is a teacher there posted on her facebook page that she is ‘proud to say she is returning to her school in Newtown today’.  I could not have been more proud for her.  While the recovery for all of us but particularly the families of Newtown will be a struggle, it’s the strength and inspiration from the heroes in that town that will help a broken community move forward while never forgetting.   I wish them strength and continue keep them in my thoughts and prayers during this time.

Wishing all of you strength, courage and much love,








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