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Happy New Year!

I hope you had beautiful holidays and that your 2018 has been off to a positive start.  I took some time after the holidays to recharge and focus as I welcomed a new year both on the calendar and in my life.  As most of you probably have done as well, I spent the first week of the year, reflecting on 2017 and setting goals as far as what I’d like to welcome into my life this year.  We always have new goals and lists when a new year comes around, and this year is no different for me.  I found it important to lay a strong foundation during some downtime on how to enjoy my journey as I strive towards my goals by ensuring I have a solid self care regime as the pace of the year kicks-in.

I am slowly learning that putting yourself first is key to being able to show up and give 100% in all other aspects of your life – work, relationships, family, etc… {for the longest time I thought this was selfish and have realized through experience it is necessary to become your best self – and when you are your best self, everyone around you benefits}.   So I’ve put in place some key tools that are important to me for a day to day wellness practice that I want to sustain throughout the course of the year.

Here is what I am focusing on:
All links to what’s pictured are at the bottom of this post.  

A Clean Slate | 2018

Clean Eats | Cookbook | Glow Powder | Probiotic Carrot Soup recipe | Smoked Trout and Roasted Fennel Cauliflower Salad Recipe.  {have been making both of these recipes weekly and find them to be delicious and satisfying}

Clean Beauty | Serum | Night Cream | Jasmine Mist

For the Gym | Sports Bra | Après Shavasana Soak | Top | Leggings

For a Balanced Spirit | Gem Water Bottle | Energy Muse Book | Sage Spray

I hope you had a chance to recharge during the holidays and over the course of this month.  I’d love to hear of any wellness practices or tools you’ve implemented and will rely on this year  – and hope that 2018 is your best year yet.


P.S.  I just ordered this desk journal.  As much as I appreciate the efficiency of my smartphone, I still like my calendar in front of me on my desk to refer to and keep my business and social obligations on track.

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