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new year beauty routine

holiday season is officially over and here we are 6 days into a brand new year. this is a time of year where many of us begin to rethink the way we do things – whether it be organizing our home, focusing on our health & wellness or integrating better habits into our routines.  As you know from following my blog, I have been into clean living and beauty for quite some time.  When I was spending significant amounts of time New York for business over the course of several years, I was lucky to be exposed to people and resources that taught me a lot about, juicing, the raw diet and beauty products that are safe and healthy for you – yet still effective.  It is a topic I became passionate about and is something I continue to educate myself on.  The lack of regulation in the beauty industry in the united states allows for devastatingly toxic ingredients to be part of everyday products – and these ingredients  have been linked back to endocrine disruption, infertility and other terrible diseases {it’s maddening actually}.  You can learn more about this via a great and very detailed post by goop.

while it can be nearly impossible to have a perfectly clean routine, I have spent years working on making better, more informed choices on the products I put on my body, face and hair for a better arsenal of clean products.  Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs anything we put on it, so I have walked away from products and brands that add toxic ingredients wherever I can. It is an on-going project for me but I can tell you learning about what’s in your products coupled with the rise of healthy, safe and high performing options available make it a very rewarding process.  today as I embrace a new year I thought I would share my curated arsenal for the body and hair based on what I’ve learned so far with you.


for the body:
1 | Rica Body Butter – this is a whipped shea butter with citrus essential oils – incredibly moisturizing for the body but can also be used as a hair mask.  I add castor oil to it for easier application.
2 | A DRY BRUSH!  – newly integrated into my routine this past summer, it is so great for your skin, removes toxins and stimulates your lymphatic system.  You simply brush your dry skin prior to getting into the shower towards your heart, shower and then moisturize – you will find your skin craving it once you get into it.  For a helpful diagram on how to use a dry brush click here.
3 | This argan oil soap with rosemary and lavender essential oils is exfoliating and moisturizing for your body and face.
4 | A combination of oils is an excellent way to moisturize post shower.  I tend to mix my own but if that’s too complicated Indie Lee’s Lavender Chamomile Moisturizing Oil with jojoba and apricot oil is a great option.
5 | Everyday body wash – this castille soap is coconut oil and olive oil based. My favorite scents are lavender and peppermint however there are several others to choose from.
6 | A safe, and aluminum free deoderant.  I learned of this deodorant through Follain – a gem of a store & brand dedicated to carrying products made with healthy & safe ingredients.  The founder tested 34 deodorants to get to this one, and it is equally as effective as it is safe. It also smells beautiful with lavender and tea tree essential oils.
7 | This dead sea salt scrub is heavenly and leaves your skin super hydrated after using {to the point where you don’t need to to add moisturizer after} with it’s organic safflower and jojoba oils.


for the hair:

1 | This hair mask by Rahua is incredible.  My hair is dry so I find this to be a beneficial treatment every few weeks.  Rich in omega-9 it leaves your hair protected and shiny.
2 | Flat ironing your hair regularly can do a number on it.  Investing in a higher quality flat iron that doesn’t damage the hair definitely makes a difference.
3 | A talc-free dry shampoo that is effective, smells good and is easy to use.
4 | I’ve featured Rahua’s shampoo & conditioner on the blog before.  It has changed my hair.  This shampoo is purifying and nourishing at the same time.  The oil extracted from the Rahua nut in the Amazon is what makes this uniquely nourishing for your hair.
5 | A very talented hair stylist in New York taught me to use jajoba oil in my hair – at the time I was using a hair oil full of pesticides and had no idea that was the case at {I never thought a hair product  that marketed itself as “natural” would contain ingredients used in toxic pesticides but it did and was a hard lesson to ignore marketing labels and understand ingredients}.  a few drops in wet hair both nourish your hair and help smooth it for styling.  I also use it on my ends when it’s been styled to keep them from drying. You can also use it on your scalp prior to showering or sleeping by massaging a few drops into your scalp. Integrating this too has changed my hair to be healthier, grow faster and thicker.
6 | I’ve found that using a comb on wet hair has caused significantly less breakage.

If you have products and are wondering how safe they are, or aren’t, an excellent resource is the EWG Skin Deep database which will breakdown what is in a product and rates the ingredients on a toxicity scale – it is a great way to understand where you stand with your current go to products.

It can be an overwhelming process, keep in mind it took me years to get here and I am still learning. my best advice is to take it one product at a time – I found that as I needed to replace items I made the changes – the effort has been well worth it.  I’ve undergone the same overhaul with my face products and cosmetics and will share those in a forthcoming post this month as well.


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